Time Rifts are on fixed rotation Timer - SCHEDULE

There are 7 alternate worlds in the event with 7 different bosses on phase 2. They are on a fixed rotation timer. Here is the rotation:

  • Azmerloth (Murloc Gil´dan)
  • Ulderoth (Freya)
  • Azmourne (Lich King)
  • Azewrath (Illidan Stormrage)
  • Azq´roth (Fury of N´zoth)
  • Warlands (Varian Wrynn)
  • A.Z.E.R.O.T.H (Overlord Mechagon)

When you do phase 1 in the Time Rift event, you will always know which alternate world you will enter on phase 2 by opening the map and mouse over the event. The one on top of the two alternate world invaders is the one you will enter on phase 2. 

So in this case on the map below, you will enter Azmerloth on phase 2 and fight Gil´dan. 

Timers US servers

Here is the schedule for US servers


Timers EU servers

Here is the schedule for EU severs


11 Jul 2023