Tier Gear Season 4

In Shadowlands, we had 3 raids which are

- Castle Nathria (From Season 1)
- Sanctum of Domination (From Season 2)
- Sepulcher of the First Ones (From Season 3)

In Season 4, we are getting something called “Fated”.
This Fated system is a new system implemented in Season 4 which will increase the ilvl gear of old raids. Fated will also add an affix in the boss fights of the raid as well. Adding an affix means that a new boss ability is added into the fight. Affix in this case is a Fated power.

The ilvl reward from the Fated raids are following (The higher ilvl is rewarded from later boss in the raid). 

Raid Finder

265 - 272 ilvl


278 - 285 ilvl 


291 - 298 ilvl 


304 - 311 ilvl 

All 3 Raids Fated but one per week

When Season 4 is out, we will get these 3 raids in a weekly rotation. Meaning, only one of the raids is tagged as a Fated raid.

First week we are getting Castle Nathria as Fated.
Second week we are getting Sanctum of Domination as Fated.
Third week we are getting Sepulcher of the First Ones as Fated.
Then it starts over again with Castle Nathria.You can see which raid is fated by opening your Adventure Guide.

What Raid Difficulties are Fated

There are 4 raid difficulties in World of Warcraft, which are

  • Raid Finder
  • Normal
  • Heroic
  • Mythic

All four difficulties are available as Fated raids when each of the 3 raids are available.

Will Tier Gear have higher ilvl

Yes they will. Once Sepulcher of the First Ones is active as Fated raid, it will drop tier gear with the higher ilvl. 

16 Jul 2022