There will be a patch 6.2.2

I´ve made a Full Guide covering patch 6.2.2, check it out here

At the moment we are waiting on the update of 6.2 which is 6.2.1. Because this update will allow flying in Draenor. Next expansion will be announced later today and we will probably get a date for release as well.

However, the 6.2.1 update won´t be the last, because Warcraftdevs answered on twitter today that 6.2.2 will be released as well.

What could this mean? Well, one thing is for sure, we will fly for some time in Draenor. It would also mean that 6.2.1 will come out any week now. My guess is that 6.2.1 comes out on next week´s update 11/8 US and 12/8 EU.

Also, will there be anything special coming out on 6.2.2? Why have another update when the expansion will probably end soon.


6 Aug 2015