The Vindicar Abilities

The Vindicar spaceship can be upgraded and help you in Argus.

By doing the main storyline in Argus, you will upgrade powerful weapons in your spaceship. 
You can select one of them per time. 

There are 3 upgrades that you get from the main Storyline. 

Light´s Judgement Trigger

Selecting this permits you to target and fire "Light´s judgment" which makes the Vindicar spaceship shoot a beam of holy light to blast your enemies and stunning the,.

Lightforged Warframe

Selecting this allows you to summon a vehicle for 45 seconds which attacs and do powerful damage. 

Shroud of Arcane Echoes

Selecting this allows you to be invisible for 10 seconds.


There are more upgrades you can get from quests that are not in the main storyline. 

Fel Heart of Argus

Selecting this will make you come back to life after you die and knocks everyone back and stuns. Works only in Argus. 

16 Aug 2017