The Ultimate Reputation Boost in 10.1.7

Blizzard has implemented some positive changes in Dragonflight that allow alt characters to gain reputation faster and eliminate the need for bind-on-account reputation. The primary change is the addition of "renown reputation", which results in significantly higher reputation gains when you pass certain Renown level milestones. Furthermore, in patch 10.1.5, finishing a character shared weekly Rift event quest rewards a reputation item from Soridormi that is now bind-on-account.


In patch 10.1.7, World of Warcraft players can obtain a significant reputation boost for both main and alt characters via the new in-game event, Dreamsurge. Here's everything you need to know about how the event works.

Dreamsurge is a weekly event that takes place in one of four specified zones in Dragon Isles – Waking Shores, Ohnaran Plains, Azure Span, and Thaldraszus. The event will offer around 20 different buffs that players can vote on between two randomly generated options during a 30-minute buff period. The voted buff that wins will then be up for 30 minutes before another vote.


One of the buffs in Dreamsurge is specifically tied to reputation and is called Dreamsurge Learnings. This buff offers players a 50% experience and reputation boost when activated, making it an excellent way to rep-up quickly.


When Dreamsurge Learnings is live, it will function as a buff that applies to all types of reputation gains for the next 30 minutes. Upon entering the zone where the Dreamsurge event is taking place, players will automatically receive the Dreamsurge Learnings buff. This includes event items players can interact with to gain reputation such as Soridormi's Commendation, Soridormi rep from chests in the Rift event, Niffen rep Tokens, and Timewalking rep tokens available from the Timewalking vendors.

This means that everything that rewards reputation when interacted with in your bagspace will be increased by 50% for the duration of the buff.

Moreover, all quests and world quests in the same zone where the Dreamsurge event takes place, and with the Dreamsurge Learnings buff active, will also grant a 50% boost to reputation gain.

In summary, the Dreamsurge event is an excellent way to boost your reputation in World of Warcraft. Simply visit one of the four specified zones, wait for Dreamsurge Learnings buff, and start working on those quests and reputation-gaining items in your bag to enjoy a 50% bonus to all reputation gain for the next 30 minutes.


You can combine this with other buffs that are in the game during certain time points (or the human racial which rewards 10% more reputation all the time). 

There are various buffs that you can use to increase your reputation gains with different factions in World of Warcraft. These include the following:

WHEE! / Darkmoon Top Hat
WHEE! is a buff you can get by riding the Darkmoon Faire carousel, which provides a +10% boost. Darkmoon Top Hat can be purchased with Darkmoon Prize Tickets at the Darkmoon Faire, providing a +10% boost (not combinable with WHEE!).

Grim Visage / Unburdened
a buff during Hallow's End that provides a +10% boost.

The Spirit of Sharing
a buff during Pilgrim's Bounty that provides a +10% boost.

Celebration Package
an anniversary buff that provides a bonus reputation gain. The amount of bonus reputation gained by the package corresponds to the number of years of the anniversary.

29 Jul 2023