THE PRIMAL COUNCIL Raid Boss Fast Tactics/Guide - Vault of the Incarnates - Dragonflight

  • You will fight 4 bosses. 
  • Each boss has an element.
    Kadros (Frost)
    Deathea (Lightning)
    Opalfang (Earth)
    Embar (Fire)
  • Fight bosses on the top center. Raid behind boss on the left side. Move clockwise when you have to move. Raid follows.
  • Swirls will spawn behind random players beware. A big pillar spawns on each swirl.
  • Move to the pillar if you have a small circle on you (Dathea does it). This removes the circle debuff.
  • Move to pillars when you have a big fire circle on you (Embar does this)Players help soak the big fire circle. If a fire circle is hitting a pillar, it removes it. A fire pool will spawn on the ground.
  • When boss pulls you in you also get a ticking frost debuff (Kadros does this). Move to fire pool to reduce the stacks and remove it. Otherwise you become an iceblock.
  • AoE all bosses to low health.
    You can kill frost earlier.
    You can kill lightning earlier.
24 Oct 2022