The Enlightened Reputation Guide

How to gain reputation with The Enlightened

You gain reputation with Enlightened when

  • Completing World quests in Zereth Mortis
    There are 3 world quest per day in Zereth Mortis.
    Each world quest rewards 225 reputation.

  • Daily quests
    You start with 2 daily quests per day, but this can increase the more you unlock traits in the Cypher Console. 
    1-2 of these dailies have a "Commendation of the Enlightened" as quest reward that rewards 75-100 rep each.

  • Weekly Quest
    A weekly quest is given by Bolvar in Zereth Mortis in Haven. This quest is called Patterns with Patterns and requires you to do activities in Zereth Mortis. 
    Rewards 250 reputation when completed. 

  • Completing a Mezzonic Cache 
    There are several Mezzonic Caches scattered around Zereth Mortis.
    This is a chest that you must complete a puzzle to be able to open it.
    You must have unlocked the Cypher Console in Zereth Mortis and unlocked the trait Cachial in order to interact with these caches.
    When you have unlocked it you can choose that your companion Pocopoc will solve it for you which costs 9 energy or that you try yourself which costs 2 energy.
    Pocopoc has an energy bar of 10 and when energy is used he gets back 1 energy a time slowly.
    Completing a Mezzonic Cache rewards 75 reputation and works once per day. 
  • Token rewards
    World quests can also reward a reputation token.
    This token consists of 75 reputation.

  • Use the Contract buff
    Inscription profession can craft a Contract called “Contract: The Enlightened”. If you can´t craft it then buy it on the action house if available.
    This contract when used allows you to gain extra reputation with them every time you complete a world quest in entire shadowlands.
    Meaning, you can do all world quests in shadowlands and get reputation with The Enlightened as well.

The Enlightened reputation rewards

  • Neutral


  • Friendly

Technique: Contract: The Enlightened
Costs: 1000g

4 Gear slots of 229 ilvl Gear
Costs 250 Sandworn Relics each. Check out this guide on how to get Sandoworn Relics. 

Font of Ephemeral Power
Increase all your conduits to ilvl 226 and learning all conduits. 
Bind on account

Costs: 475g

  • Honored

Recipe: Crafter´s Mark IV
Teaches you how to craft a pwerful Optional Reagent that sets the item level to 233 and the required level to 60.
Costs: 2500g

Tome of the Eternal
Teaches you how to craft a Vestige of the Eternal, a powerful Optional Reagent that increases the item level of a legendary base item by the equivalent of 3 ranks.
Costs: 5000g

4 more Gear slots of 229 ilvl Gear
In total, you can buy 8 pieces of gear (Tanks to @patfOrd for the help).
Costs 250 Sandworn Relics each. Check out this guide on how to get Sandoworn Relics

  • Revered

Recipe: Crafter´s Mark of the First Ones
Teaches you how to craft a very powerful Optional Reagent that sets the item level to 262, the required level to 60, and makes it unique equipped.
Costs: 4000g

Clinch of Unity
Legendary Belt with your Covenant legendary power. 
Costs: 2500 Cosmic Flux

Memory of Unity
Legendary power with the covenant power so you can have two legendaries equipped. This is the power of it, you still need to craft the legendary at the Runecarver. This can be added on any gear slot. 
Costs: 500 Cosmic Flux

  • Exalted

Broker Translocation Matrix
Returns you to your set hearthstone location.
Costs: 5000g

Eternal Augment Rune
Increases Agility, Intellect and Strength by 18 for 1 hour.
Costs: 50 000g

Where is The Enlightened vendor located

The reputation vendor for the Enlightened is called Vilo. Vilo is located in Haven – Zereth Mortis.

8 Jan 2022