The Demon Hunters Background

Demon Hunters first come into our story line after been awoken in the Vault of the Wardens.
The Wardens are desperate because of the Legion invasions, so they threw the switch to awaken the Demon Hunters.
We need all the help we can get to fight The Burning Legion and what better help, than Demon Hunters.
To do that properly we need to establish context, because last time we meet Demon Hunters, they wanted to kill us, mostly.

Before you fight the Legion, you will actually take part of the events that take place 10 years back in time at the Black Temple.
We will see through Illidan´s eyes, the story of the Demon Hunters, The Illidari
We will go back to the moment during The Siege of The Black Temple, were we see Illidan send his Demon Hunter Illidari back on a special mission.
Back in Burning Crusade, Illidan was doing things in the background that we did not know about, such as sending his best and most elite Demon Hunters on a suicide mission.

So we will go through their past into the shattered demonic prison world of the Marduun.
This is the world that Sargeras created when he was a good Titan, to hold all the demons that he
captured. And when Sargeras went bad, this is the world he shattered and released, what would become The Burning Legion.

When all is set and done, we will learn what it means to be a Demon Hunter, and understand the true meaning of sacrifice.

They have very unique starting experience (same way as the Death Knight)
Demon Hunters will start at very high levels so they can immediately flow into the Legion content (lvl 100?)

World of Marduun