The 10.1 Main Questline is Timegated

The main questline in patch 10.1 is called Embers of Neltharion. This questline consists of 7 chapters.  It seems that we will get one chapter a week. This is because of the reward we are getting after completing a chapter. 

  • Completing a chapter rewards 2500 reputation with the Loamm Niffen. 
  • When completing chapter 3 and 4 we will be rewarded with Shadowflame Whelpling Crests. 
  • Reaching and completing the 5th chapter will also reward the Slitherdrake. 
  • During chapter 5, we will be rewarded with an “Ensemble: Black Dragonflight´s Vestments transmog.
  • When completing chapter 5, we will be rewarded with Shadowflame Drake Crest. 

  • Chapter 6 is completed when killing the last boss Sarkareth, which will reward Enchanted Wyrm´s Shadowflame Crest (424-437 ilvl)

It seems unlikely that we will get more than one chapter a week because of the high amount of reputation we are rewarded with. 

30 Apr 2023