TERROS Raid Boss Fast Tactics/Guide - Vault of the Incarnates - Dragonflight

  • You will fight one boss only for the entire encounter. 
  • Mark the two tanks and dont stand behind them. 
  • Raid close to each other. 
  • Help soak when player has a big fire circle. 
  • When you have a yellow arrow on you, stand further back behind raid and in a line with other players that has a yellow arrow. A big rock comes up at your location.
  • Tanks: when you have a beam on you from boss, make sure that beam is on the big rocks to remove them.
  • Move away from big and small swirls. 
  • When boss reaches 100 energy he will slam ⅓ of the platform and you cannot stand in that area for the rest of the fight. Make sure your raid are close to each other, he slams where the majority of the raid is. 
24 Oct 2022