You may have a cool title and a follower without knowing it

There is an achievement called Mantle of the Talon King which rewards you the title “Talon King/Queen” and the NPC Follower Talon Guard Kurekk.

How do you get this achievement?

Well you need to do 2 things

  • Raise your reputation with Arrakoa Outcasts
  • Complete the Terokk´s Legacy Storyline

However, even thou you have done this 2 things you won’t get this achievement directly, and that is also why you probably don’t know that it even existed.

When you have done the story line and hit exalted, enter Spires of Arak (go out and in).

You will automatically see a quest popping up on your screen called “Call of the Talon King”.

You might even have this quest already, check your quest log!

Head to Shade of Terokk in Veil Terokk, (46.76, 46.48 ) check map.

After completing that quest and getting your achievement. Talk to the NPC next him called Talon Guard Kurekk. 

Complete the quest and you get your new follower: Talon Guard Kurekk.


Claim your title! And claim your Follower!


6 Oct 2015