BFA Uldir: Taloc Raid Tactics



This encounter consists of two phases.
In phase 1

  • You will only fight the boss.
  • Move to the side when you have the debuff (Plasma Discharge), because 3 pools will be created behind you.
  • You must make sure that all pools are on the left side of the platform.
  • The main tank will be targeted by boss and after some seconds, the boss will throw his weapon at the main tank. The hit does huge damage to the raid (the further away players are from the hit, the less dmg they take).
  • The main tank must make sure to run to the pools on the left side because the hit will also remove pools within 15 yards.
  • Raid runs to the far right side when boss throws his weapon and stand in the center otherwise.
  • Boss will charge to his weapon and retrieve it. Players in front of charge takes dmg and knockback.

In phase 2

  • The platform will move down (it is actually an elevator).
  • During this phase, the boss will take 99% less dmg.
  • The boss will bleed, and that blood becomes 2 types of adds. One (Blood) that must be tanked and creates blood pools. The other (Droplet) fixates and does knockback and dmg when reaching the player.
  • Stack up on one side close to the pools from phase 1
  • Melee attacks the blood add.
  • Ranged attacks the droplets and make sure they do not reach the raid.
  • Move sideways when a pool is created from the blood add.


Phase 1 – Boss

Tank boss on top side
Cross -  Raid stacks in middle
Diamond – Run when debuff
Star – Run when Cudgel of Gore

Phase 2 – Add phase

Boss Abilities

Plasma Discharge

Boss puts a debuff on random players (around 3 players get the debuff, probably raid based).
This does Nature damage and the players creates 3 Blood Storms (every 2 sec for 6 sec).

Tactic: Plasma Discharge

Run to Diamond side when you have the debuff.
Make sure to keep running until all three pools are on the ground.
Start with placing pools close to the wall.
Place pools close to each other and it will end up with pools coming closer to middle.
Beware not to run in to other players when you have the debuff.
Beware not to close other players in with your pools.

Cudgel of Gore

Boss throws his Club on main tank.
This does 19k Shadow Damage.
It does a huge knock on all players within 30 yards.
Further you are, less damage you take.
The weapon slam removes Blood Storms, within 15 yards.

Tactic: Cudgel of Gore

Main tank (targeted tank) runs to diamond side (left side) where the pools are.
Wait for the weapon to hit, then run back.
Plan where to stand in order to remove pools on the ground, and as many pools as possible.

Run to the far right side (star), wait for the weapon to slam then run back to middle.

Beware of heavy raid dmg. Top players up fast again.

Retrieve Cudgel

Boss charges to the position where his Club is.
Players in his path takes 8k Physical damage and knockback.

Tactic: Retrieve Cudgel

Melee must beware to move away from the charge.

Sanguine Static

Boss turn to random player and spits out many bolts in a cone, that does Shadow damage and knockback.

Tactic: Sanguine Static

Make sure to move away when he faces your direction.
Beware melee mostly.


During phase 2, the circular platform will move downwards (elevator) to another floor.

Boss powers down and takes 99% less dmg.
He will bleed, and that blood becomes adds that spawns during the entire phase 2.

There are two types of adds

ADD: Coalesced Blood (Tank)

This add leaves Blood Pools continuously.
This add can and must be tanked.
Several coalesced Blood adds spawns during the entire phase 2.

ADD: Volatile Droplets

This add will target random players and fixate you.
If they reach a player, it does moderate damage and knockback to all players within 5 yards.

Tactic: Phase 2

The more you have cleared pools from phase 1 (tank) the more space you will have in add phase.
There more effective you have placed the pools (raid) on the platform, the more space you will have in add phase.

Entire raid stacks up on the side of the platform where the pool from phase 1 is.

Coalesced Blood

Tanks this add.
Attack this add.
Move sideways when blood is created on the platform.

Volatile Droplets

Nuke this add and do not let it reach the raid.
Beware of the pool that the blood add creates and make sure to move with raid away from the pools.


When the elevator platform reaches the next floor, the encounter will be the same as phase 1, but the platform will be bigger now.


11 May 2018