Superbloom event added Drake Crest rewards!

In the recent 10.2 PTR build, exciting changes have been introduced to the Superbloom event, enhancing the overall experience for players. One notable modification is the introduction of pathway variations, where the Tree will now follow one of two different routes. This ingenious adjustment aims to add a touch of variety and surprise, ensuring that each playthrough feels unique and captivating.

Another noteworthy change is the inclusion of three new bag rewards: the Sprouting Dreamtove, the Budding Dreamtove, and the Blossing Dreamtove. These enticing rewards await players who achieve specific Bloom-points during the event. The more bloom accumulated, the greater and more fantastic the rewards become, providing an extra incentive for participants to fully immerse themselves in the event.


Dreaming Drake Crests

Among the array of rewards, one particularly coveted item stands out: the Dreaming Drake Crests. These exclusive Crests are exclusively attainable through outdoor activities in the 10.2 PTR. This makes the Superbloom event an absolute must-visit for Drake Crest enthusiasts, offering a rare opportunity to acquire these prized possessions.


6 Oct 2023