Step by Step Guide – 15-year Anniversary WoW Event

  1. You log on WoW during this event (between Nov 6, 2019 - Jan 8, 2020)

  2. You get following items in your mail
    * Lil' Nefarian pet
    * Celebration Package (Experience and Reputation gains by 15% during the event).
    * Fireworks
    * Quest Item – “Invitation from the Timewalkers
    This item sends you to Chromie in Caverns of Time.
    This enables you to join the event raid finder “Memories of Azeroth Raid”
    The raid has 3 wings (ilvl 380 to join):
    - Burning Crusade
    - Wrath of the Lich King
    - Cataclysm
    Finishing all raids rewards you with the mount “Obsidian Worldbreaker”.

  3. Special Battleground is available - OG Alterac Valley
    Que up via pvp (press H to open it).
    Earn 200 Timewarped Badges from doing quests and participating in Alterac Valley Classic.
    You will be rewarded
    Stormpike Battle Ram – Alliance
    Frostwolf Snarler – Horde

5 Nov 2019