The War Within - Spreading the Light Event in Hallowfall - what we know so far

Hallowfall, one of the four zones in the new expansion, The War Within. Hallowfall is an enormous cavern bordered by an endless underground sea. It is illuminated by Beledar, a massive crystal "sun" lodged into the cavern ceiling, providing light, warmth, and growth for the vegetation. This creates a bright and lush environment reminiscent of the surface world. Hallowfall is home to the Arathi tribe, a civilization of humans who worship the Light.

Event Overview

The Spreading the Light event takes place in Hallowfall, bringing together the Arathi people in their quest to combat the darkness that threatens their land. The Arathi use their holy fire-powered airships to travel to high plateaus throughout the cavern and fight against monsters emerging from the underground sea and swarms of nerubians from Azj-Kahet. However, the Arathi face division within their own ranks and the challenge of Beledar's unpredictable cycling into a Void state, which brings new hostile creatures and plunges the Arathi into darkness, except for the areas where they have built beacons of Light.

In Hallowfall, there are numerous towers that are fully lit, but there is a specific location with Lamplighter NPCs where the tower remains unlit. This area is called Light´s Redoubt. Inside this tower, you will find a bonfire that can be interacted with, although currently, no visible results occur in the alpha version. This suggests that this is where the event takes place. Also, there is an Innkeeper called Helmglynn who is tied to items that you will obtain via the event called Hillhelm items.

Keep an eye out for updates as the event progresses to uncover the mysteries within. 

Hallowfall Arathi Reputation

To participate in the Spreading the Light event, you will need to increase your reputation with the Hallowfall Arathi faction. Complete quests and engage in other outdoor activities to earn reputation points with this faction.

Renown 3

Once you reach Renown 3, you will unlock the ability to assist the lamplighters in Spreading the Light. Creatures in the event will now have a chance to drop Radiant Remnants, valuable items that are essential for your progress.During the event, you will come across three specific achievementsrelated to the event:

Starting the Flames: Contribute 10 Radiant Remnants to any Keyflames.

Beacon of Hope: Contribute Radiant Remnants to light lesser keyflames.

Igniting the Keyflames: Contribute 100 Radiant Remnants to any Keyflames.

Renown 9

Upon reaching Renown 9, creatures in the Spread the Light Event will now have a chance to drop Flickering Torches. These torches provide temporary light, allowing you to navigate through the darkness.

Renown 12

At Renown 12, you will gain the ability to purchase additional consumables specifically designed for the Spreading the Light Event from vendors in Hallowfall. These consumables will assist you in your mission to spread the Light. Creatures in the Spreading the Light Event will also have a chance to drop Lost Hillhelm items. 


8 May 2024