Sparks and Enchanted Crests in Season 4 - Profession crafting

In Season 4, there are new names for the spark and crests in the game. They are now referred to as "Awakened".

The spark is now called the Sparks of Awakening and has an item level (ilvl) range between 486-499.

The Enchanted Crests are still divided into two categories, but they are now called:

  1. Enchanted Wyrm Awakened Crest, which has an ilvl range between 499-512 ilvl.
  2. Enchanted Aspect Awakened Crest, which has an ilvl range between 509-522 ilvl.

Obtaining Enchanted Awakened Crest Recipes

To obtain the recipes for the Enchanted Awakened Crests, you can complete the weekly quest called "Last Hurrah." This quest was previously known as "Aiding The Accord". 

To begin the Last Hurrah quest, head to Valdrakken and locate Therazaland next to the fountain. He will be your quest giver for this weekly adventure.


29 Mar 2024