How to put sockets on Gear in 9.2

On this weekly reset (US 15th/ EU 16th) we are getting a new item called Ephemera-Infused Mesh which adds a socket to a Shadowlands Season 3 gear. The gear to add socket on can only be

  • Helmet
  • Necklace
  • Bracer
  • Belt
  • Ring

You cannot  add the socket on gear that already have socket on it.

How to get Ephemera-Infused Mesh

At the moment, this item can only be bought from the NPC vendor Ko´tul located in front of the Great Vault (see map).

It costs 6 Attendant’s Token of Merit.

You get Attendant’s Token of Merit when you have completed any of the goals (Raid/M+/PvP) in the Great Vault and choose the token instead of a gear.

The Attendant’s Token of Merit has been updated:

  • You may now carry 12 tokens (was 3).
  • You will now receive 2 tokens if you unlocked one Great Vault segment.
  • You will now receive 4 tokens if you unlocked two Great Vault segments.
  • You will now receive 6 tokens if you unlocked three or more segments of your Great Vault.
15 Mar 2022