Snail Racing is a new-old thing that is coming back again. Last time we saw snail racing was during the Legion expansion in Highmountain. But it seems that this might be snail racing 2.0. 

Where is snail racing in 10.1

The snail racing is taking place in the southern part of Zaralek Cavern, in the Glimmerrogg area. 

How does snail racing work

There is a snail racing track here where you can help your snail win the race. The snails are small (pet size) and there are 4 of them:

  • Brulee
  • Bashful
  • Tricky
  • Roggy

Each week, you will be able to snail race by talking to Grougul. He will give you a quest where you will help one of the four snails win the race. 

Next to him is an NPC called Corry, that you talk to before the race starts to get the item Bashful Treats. You will use this item in front of your snail so it moves faster. 

Sometimes there are other NPCs that help you or attack you during the race. 

The snail you helped will be rewarded as a pet when you win the race. So basically, there are 4 snails and you can get all of them as pets. 

NEW Reputation Faction

There is an NPC close to the snail race, called Briggul. This NPC is tied to the reputation faction “Glimmerogg Racer”. The reputation you gain is how good snail trainer you are according to Briggul. 

The reputation is divided in 5 levels and it requires 700 reputation to gain a level. To reach all 5 levels you need 2800 reputation in total. 

Rank 1

Rank 2
700 - 1400

Rank 3
1400 - 2100

Rank 4
2100 - 2800

Rank 5

How to get reputation with Glimmerog Racer

Briggul has a daily quest where you help him. Completing this quest rewards 100 reputation. 

Briggul also likes snails that he has never seen before and would like you to show him.
You show him a snail by taking out a pet snail.
After you take out a snail pet, you talk to him and the ui is changed where you have another option to choose: “Show Briggul your level 25 “pet Snail”. This rewards 100 reputation for each pet. 

When showing the snail to Briggul, he also says “I should bring that one to the next race. The other trainers are going to eat it up” which seems that you will be able to race with your own snail pets. 

At them moment on PTR there is one Pet snail that works, which is the Spireshell Snail. WoWhead has datamined that Shimmershell Snail also works but not in PTR. 

It seems that you will be able to show more snails when the PTR gets updated and before 10.1 goes live. 

Here are all the snails in world of warcraft that is not part of Zaralek Cavern (because Birggul says that he wants to see snails outside the cavern): 

  • Archetype of Vigilance
  • Amethyst Softshell
  • Blackchasm Crawler
  • Cobbleshell
  • Microlicid
  • Mudshell Conch
  • Predatory Helicid
  • Prismatic Softshell
  • Rapana Whelk
  • Rusty Snail
  • Scooter the Snail
  • Shelly
  • Shimmershell Snail
  • Silkbead Snail
  • Spireshell Snail
  • Zoom

There are also Slugs that might be involved:

  • Damplight Slug
  • Muck Slug
  • Slimy Sea Slug
  • Trench Slug 

What are the rewards with Glimmerogg Racer - Big Slick in the City Mount Guide

There is one snail mount tied to Birggul and Glimmerogg Racer reputation. This is the Big Slick in the City.


You will get an item (Conch Whistle) that spawns the snail that you can mount on, but it is very slow (same as walking speed). it seems that you will be able to make this into a normal mount at higher reputation, so it becomes the (in the city) mount. 

More Snail Racing with bigger snails

These are speculations now, but it seems that you will be able to do cooler snail racing with bigger snails eventually. The first reason is that there are medium sized snails and bigger “mount-snails” that the race in Glimmerog are using. The second reason is that there is a daily quest in which you will ride a bigger snail in the Zaralek Cavern roads and get speed bonus from time to time which is very similar to a race and these roads that you ride your snail have no enemy mobs around. The third reason is that the new reputation faction is called Glimmerog Racer in which the word is tied to racing so there should be some kind of racing. Maybe we have to gain a higher reputation with Glimmerog Racer in order to unlock more variants of snail racing. 

25 Apr 2023