Smolderon Raid Boss Tactics - 10.2 - Amirdrassil: The Dream's Hope

This fight has two phases and ping pongs between them.


In phase one you will bring the boss to the edge of the platform and the raid will be very close to boss. 

When there are fire pools on the ground, you move clockwise. 

Before phase 2, players will get two rounds of circle debuffs that lashes out fire wirlwinds and a big circle on tank that must be soaked. 

If you get the circle debuff (Overheated)you move away and stay spread. 

If you don´t get the circle debuff, you will instead run to tank and soak the big dmg. The debuff you get is important that you have for later use in phase 2. 

After two rounds of that, phase 2 will start. 


Boss runs to the middle and does a knockback, beware so you are not to far out and get knocked out to the lava. 

Boss will circle target the platform on different locations that will burst up and do very high dmg. Dodge the circles. 

Healers beware of high incoming raid dmg in this phase. 

If you have helped soaking the tank smash, you got a debuff that will drop 5 orbs on the ground on phase two and move towards boss. Only you can see your own orbs. 

If you run in to an orb, you will get 20% increased dmg and healing for 20 sec. All 5 orbs stacks up to 100% increased dmg and healing. 

Once phase one is done, phase 2 starts. 

17 Sep 2023