Shriekwing Heroic Mode abilities and tactics - Caste Nathria


Boss does echoing Screech in phase 1 as well. On Normal mode you only see this ability on phase 2. 

Echoing Screech

  • Boss sends out sonar beams that bounces on pillars and walls.
  • They does very high dmg and stuns for 6 sec.
  • Also a bat will leap on you and do high physical dmg (AoE dmg within 6 yards).

Echoing Screech

  • Tank boss between the 2 pillars and face boss towards center of platform.
  • Entire Raid stack up behind boss.
  • When boss casts Echoing Screech (a 3 sec cast), entire raid run through boss and stand next to the pillar.
  • After boss does Earsplitting Shriek (hiding behind a pillar), then run back to your position again where entire raid stacks behind boss again.
  • Rinse & Repeat


19 Dec 2020