Ship Guide

To be able to create a new type of ship you need the blueprint for it.
You get blueprints by completing missions or quests.

After learning a blueprint you can create the certain ship at your Shipwright (Solog Roark Horde) and create that ship.
Creating ships costs Garrison Resources and Garrison Oil.

You will get all blueprints while doing the shipyard quest line. So you will get these ships in a certain order.

There are total 6 different types of ships

  • Transporter (Level 1 Shipyard)

This is the first blueprint you get when creating a shipyard.

  • Destroyer (Level 1 Shipyard)

The blueprint for this ship is achieved on the first quest you do when getting a command table (Quest: Naval Commander)

  • Submarine (Level 2 Shipyard)

The blueprint is achieved by completing the quest “Upgrading the Fleet” which will require 25 Naval Combat Missions, 1000 Garrison Resources and 1000 gold.

  • Carrier (Level 3 Shipyard)

The blue print for Carrier ship is achieved by completing the quest “Naval Domination” which will require 2500 Garrison resources, 2500 gold and 50 Naval Combat Missions

  • Galleon

Info about this one is not out yet, will be updated asap.

  • Battle Ship

The blueprnt for this ship seems to be only available through tanaan jungle reputation factions for now

The ships have 3 types of abilities

  • Types
    Similar to followers abilities
  • Crew
    Similar to followers traits
  • Equipment
    Upgrading perks to your ships

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