Best farming place for Shal´dorei Silk

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Getting Shal´dorei Silk was not as easy as you thought it would be? Have no fear, Moudi´s Guide is here. 

Farming for Shal´dorei Silk

The best place to farm Shal´dorei Silk that I found so far is located in Snowblind Mesa in Highmountain (see map below). This area consists of Mightstone humanoids. And yes, these stone people carry Silk, and a lot of it compared to all the other humanoids. I got in average 10-30 Silks every 5 minutes.

The first best thing with this farming place is that they respawn very fast, since they are attacking a village next to them.

The second best thing is that you only need to tag the Mightstone adds that are fighting the NPCs defending their village and get loot from them when they die. So even if you tag an add with low HP you get the loot.

Don’t get to greedy tagging all the mobs around you because they throw stones on you and you may end up dying ;)

While leveling up you character

If you are leveling up your Tailoring Profession while leveling your character you will find that it´s not that easy, since the Silk drops from Humanoids only. Let´s take a look at the Broken Isles zones and see where these might be.

Azsuna is a favorite questing area for many players during alpha/beta. However, if you follow the main questline (which you probably will) in Azsuna, you will not see any humanoids until the middle part of the quest line. I will not go in to details when, because of spoilers.

Note: The tailoring profession questline sends you to Azsuna very early.

Val´sharah is very corrupted by the Legion and you will not find more or less any humanoids here.

Stormheim sounds like a really good zone to start questing on to be able to get silk at the same time, since there are loads of humanoids here. However, practically, that wasn’t the case. I killed so many humanoids during the entire questline and got very little silk. Even specific humanoids in certain areas didn’t have an increased chance. Maybe the drop rate will change before release of Legion thou.

Highmountain contains loads of animals and theoretically should give less Silk then Stormheim. But when I finished the questline, I ended up with most Silk from Highmountain.

If you want to synchronize your Tailoring with character leveling I recommend to complete following zones in this order:

  1. Highmountain
  2. Stormheim
  3. Azsuna
  4. Val´sharah

When the questline sends you to Azsuna, you just travel there and finish the profession quests only and then head back to the zone you were questing in. If you start questing in Azsuna, you will have problems getting enough Silk in that zone.


9 Jun 2016