Shadowmoon Valley

Hidden under a shroud of perpetual night broken only by bright starlight, the lush, idyllic forests of Shadowmoon Valley are home to a majestic draenei tomb and sanctuary: Karabor. While many of Shadowmoon’s denizens study prophecy among Karabor’s ancient stone circles, plotters with darker ambitions lurk in the valley’s vast underground cave network, gazing greedily at the sacred temple.

This area is the starting area for the Alliance.

In the aftermath of the Dark Portal strike, Alliance players will be led to Karabor in search of allies to face the Iron Horde. Once there, you and other travelers will work together to save the draenei holy temple and turn it into a safe haven for your faction. Be on your guard! While the Iron Horde lays siege to the temple, Ner’zhul and his nefarious Shadowmoon Orc clan pursue another line of attack that could put the entire world in mortal danger.

Except for leveling here, there are two things to think about doing either start directly while leveling or later on.

Gain reputation with the Council of Exarchs

The Council of Exarchs are an Alliance faction. Under the leadership of five powerful exarchs, the draenei of Draenor have prospered in a savage world. The Quartermaster is Vindicator Nuurem who can be found in Stormshield. Gaining Exalted reputation rewards the Council of Exarchs achievement and the Prelate title. Gaining reputation with Council of Exarchs is relatively simple--just quest through most zones and head back to complete bonus quests along the way. There are no daily quests.

How to gain reputation with Council of the Exarchs (external link)

Find and kill Rares

There are 14 rare spawns in this area in which one drops a mount.


Map over Shadowmoon Valley