Shadowlands Leatherworking Guide

General Overview

Leatherworking in Shadowlands have loads of new stuff.

You start at skill level 1 and the maximum is 300.

Optional Reagents

A new system implemented.
This system is extra slots on crafted armor made by players that are Blacksmith, Leatherworking and Tailoring. This system is made only during when crafting, not afterwards.
Based on what is crafted, you can add
- Specific Secondary Stats (made by inscription)
- Bonus effect such as Flask last longer, add a socket, well fed last longer (made by different professions)
- Alter the ilvl with Crafters Mark 

Craft material for Legendary gear

Professions can craft a base gear that players will use to create Legendary items.
Each legendary gear need 4 parts.

  • One crafted base gear (crafted by a Blacksmith/Leatherworking/Tailoring)
    A specific crafted gear to start putting cool things on it.
    This is either rings, necklace, feet, chest, legs, head, shoulder, hands, wrist, waist
    This is made by Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, Tailoring and Jewelcrafting

  • Two Secondary Stats
    You need a Missive (haste/Critical Strike/Mastery/Versatility) to add on your legendary gear.
    Crafted by Inscription

  • One Legendary Power
    Most of what these powers do are similar to old tiers in previous expansions and legendaries from legion but also new ones.
    You get these by getting materials needed from the Torghast, Tower of the Damned scenario.

Armor Kits are back again
You can craft 2-hour buffs on chest, leg, hands or feet with stamina.

Covenant zone specific Material
You can gather leather that are general from all zones and also zone specific leather.
The zone specific leather can also be created.

Materials for Leatherworking

  • Desolate Leather (Can be made with 10 Desolate Leather Scraps)
  • Heavy Desolate Leather (Can be made with 10 Desolate Leather)

  • Desolate Hide (Can be made with 10 Desolate Hide Scraps)
  • Heavy Desolate Hide (Can be made with 10 Desolate Hide)

Necrotic Leather  - Gathered from Maldraxxus
Purified Leather - Gathered from Bastion
Sinful Leather - Gathered from Ravendreth
Unseelie Leather - Gathered from Ardenweald

The reason for zone-specific leather material is not known. Maybe to level up the leatherworking profession.

Optional Reagents: Crafter´s Mark

Before crafting an armor, you can add Optional Reagents.
One of them can be to increase the ilvl. This is done with the Crafter´s Mark item.
Leatherworking can craft 3 types of Crafter´s Mark

  • A Novice

Sets the ilvl to 87and the required level to 50.

  • A common – Crafter´s mark I

Sets the ilvl to 117 and requires minimum character level 55

  • A rare – Crafter´s mark II

Sets the ilvl to 168 and required minimum character level 60

To get the patterns, there are some requirements.

Novice Crafter´s mark
Skill level 40
Crafter´s mark I
Skill level 45
Crafter´s mark II
Skill level 100
Revered reputation with The Avowed. Costs 50 Sinstone Fragments. Sold by Archivist Janeera in Ravendreth.

Sinstone fragments are looted by mobs in Halls of Atonement in Ravendreth. Not needed to enter the dungeon, just kill mobs in that area.


You can craft 2 types of Leather armor and 2 types of Mail armor.
You can craft gear for legs, shoulder, chest, head, hands, waist, feet and wrist.

Desolate Leather / Desolate Scale
ilvl 129
Has 1 optional reagent for Crafter´s Mark (Novice and I)

Shadebound / Shadowscale
ilvl 151
Has 3 optional reagents
Crafter´s Mark (all ranks)
Secondary Stat
Secondary Stat

Specialized Armor

You can craft the base armor needed for crafting legendary gear for leather and mail.
You learn the pattern from the Runecarver.
The Runecarver is located in Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Same guy that helps you craft the final legendary gear. You will unlock the Runecarver on the Torghast introductory questline.

You can craft specialized armor for wrist, hands, legs, head, shoulder, chest, waist and feet.

You can increase the ilvl by getting experience to reach ranks.

The higher ranks, the higher ilvl you can craft.

Each time you craft a slot specific armor, you gain 1 experience.

You start at rank 1 and there are 4 ranks

Rank 1
ilvl 195
10 crafts needed to reach rank 2.

Rank 2
ilvl 210
20 crafts needed to each rank 3

Rank 3
ilvl 225
20 crafts needed to each rank 4

Rank 4
ilvl 235

You only get experience on that specific gear slot. For example, let´s say that you crafted a helm 10 times. Then you reach rank 2 on crafting a helm. Now the ilvl will be higher for helm. But if you start crafting a shoulder gear, then you are still in the beginning on rank 1 for shoulders and must start crafting that to reach rank 2.


You can craft a new drum (Drums of Deathly Ferocity)
Increases Haste by 15% for all party and raid members. Lasts 40 seconds.

Drums are nerfed in Shadowlands, only 15% Haste, down from 25%.
If you want a full 30% Haste in Shadowlands, you'll need to have a Shaman, Hunter or Mage in your group.

Armor Kits

They are back and you can craft two types.

  • Desolate Armor Kit
    Increase stamina by 24 for 2 hrs.
    This can be added on the chest, legs, hands or feet.
  • Heavy Desolate Armor Kit
    Increase stamina by 48 for 2 hrs.
    This can be added on the chest, legs, hands or feet.


You can craft 4 weapons (2 fists, 1 bow, 1 crossbow).
These weapons starts at ilvl 100 but can be upgraded with Crafter´s Mark up to rank 1.
Rank 2 sets the ilvl to 165 and the required level to 57.

Mount Equipment

You can craft “Comfortable Rider´s Barding”.
When equipped in your mount slot, it prevents you from being dazed while mounted.
(Not in battlegrounds or Arenas)


30 Aug 2020