EVERYTHING about Severed Thread Pact

The Notoriety Pact (Severed Thread Pact) consists of 3 Nerubians that will help you to help them in The War Within zone Azj-kahet. You will get to know them during your adventures when doing the main storyline and side quests in Azj-kahet. 

The 3 factions in the Notoriety pact are:

  • The Vizier 
  • The Weaver 
  • The General 

When reaching Renown 3 with the Severed Threads  you will unlock the main Azj-kahet event. This event consists of doing activities, gaining reputation and get access to special perks. 

How to start

Talk to talk to Y´tekhi in The Weaver´s Lair

/way 57.66, 46.96

Each week you will be able to choose which of the three Notoriety NPC that you want to aid. Based on who you choose aid, you will get access to that NPC´s perks and special objectives in the zone. The first perk you get is an active ability that you can only use in Azj-kahet no matter which one you pick. 

What are the perks

The Weaver

Become nortrious by supporting the Weaver through sabotage. espionage, and undermining the forces of Ansurek. 

You will recieve following perks when choosing this pact: 

Woven Cocoon

This is the active ability.

Weave a cocoon around the target.

If your target is yourself, you vanish from combat and heal for 15 every 1 sec for 6 sec. When you emerge, you become covered in webs that will root the next 3 enemies to make melee attacks against you for 5 sec.

If your target is an enemy, they are stunned and suffer 4 Nature damage every 1 sec for 5 sec.

Weaver´s Tutelage 

Professions Crafting and Gathering speed increased by 20%.

Espionage & Caches

Hidden Weave-Rats will reveal themselves to you around Azj-Khahet. Espionage rumors become available through Azj-Khahet.

Weaver´s Parcel

A parcel of Professions materials and Kej Currency. 


The General 

Become contentious by supporting the General through martial combat, heroic bluster and eliminating the ascended.

Heavy Ordinance

This is the active ability.

Instruct the General´s troop to strike the area in front of you, dealing 1 million Fire damage to all targets within 2 yards of each impact.

General´s Phalanx

The General´s Phalanx safeguard you- When an attack would cause you to die, absorb the attack and become immune to all damage for some sec. 

Hero Memorials & Bounties

Hidden Hero Memorials will reveal themselves to you around Azj-Khahet. Bounty Tasks become available throughout Azj-Khahet

Generals Warchest

A chest of Valorstones and Kej Currency. 

The Vizier

Become notorious by supporting the Vizier through alchemical means and diplomatic manipulations.

Unstable Concoction

This is the active ability.

The Vizier has gifted you with a bag of unlabled test potions to use with undue prejudice on your foes throughout Azj-Kahet.

Drink a potion, increasing your attack speed by 30% and movement speed by 50% for 20 sec. However, the potion also inflicts 3 Fire damage every 2 sec for 20 sec.

Drink a potion, increasing your size and reducing your damage taken by 50% for 15 sec.

Toss a potion at the targeted location, stunning all enemies within 6 yards for 10 sec.
Taking damage will break this effect.

Throw a potion at the targeted area, inflicting 15 Nature damage to all enemies within 8 yards. Inflicts additional 3 Nature damage every 2 sec for 10 sec.

Throw a deadly toxin at a trivial target, inflicting 200% of their maximum health as Nature damage.
Does not work on players.

Drink a potion, restoring 100% of your maximum health.

Throw a potion at the target, increasing their damage taken from all sources by 50%.

The Vizier's Savvy

You get 10% more Kej from all sources. 

Disruption & Excavation

Disruption Rumors and Kej Excavation become available. 

Vizier´s Coffers

A purse bulging with Kej currency. 

How to get the Perks

You need reputation with the Notoriety to get access to more perks. The Notoriety pact are not Renown but instead friendship reputation: 

Rank Name Min Amount
Inconspicuous 2500 2500
Obscure 5000 2500
Ignominious 7500 2500
Notorious 10000 2500
Infamous 12500  


How to get reputation with The Weaver / The General / The Vizier

Weekly Aiding 

Based on which one you have picked to aid during a week, you will get access to activities in the zone which rewards reputation. You will also get a weekly quest that wants you to do these activities and this will also reward reputation when completed. 

World Quests

World quests in Azj-kahet will tell you which of the three Notorieties you will get reputation from. 

Side Quests

There are side quests scattered around Azj-kahet. You will not get reputation when completing a quest but instead you will get rewarded with reputation at the end of the mini-storylines. Not all side quests will reward reputation at the end. This is once per account (Warbound account). 


All rares that are level 80 will drop 150 reputation when looted. This is once per rare and per account (Warbound account). You will get 150 reputation for all 3 reputation factions and even the Renown The Severed Threads.


All one-time treasures will have 150 reputation when loosted. This is once per treasure and per account (Warbound account). You will get 150 reputation for all 3 reputation factions and even the Renown The Severed Threads.

Weekly Dungeon Quest

Complete the weekly dunbgeon quest that you get from Biergoth in Dornagal (/way 46,74. 48.31). You will be able to choose 1500 reputation with any of the faction that you choose. If you choose one of the Notrotiety factions, you will also get reputation with the Renown The Severed Threads. 

Worldsoul Weekly Quest

Weekly Outdoor quest where you will choose what content to do.

Similar to Aiding the accord in Valdrakken, Dragonflight. we will be able to choose what kind of weekly quest activity we want to do in The War Within. You take this quest from Faerin Lothat (/way 46,03.49.57). 

There can be an option to pick Notoriety: Complete objectives for one of the Notoriety factions in Az-kahet. Completing this weekly quest will reward a cache that contains Veteran Gear, 15 Harbinger Crest and 200 reputation with the faction you picked to help. 


At the end of a delve run you will be rewarded with chests. You have to complete at least a tier 6 or above to have access to a rare chest. The rare chest can only be opened with a special key, Restored Coffer Key. The chest will contain 1000 reputation that is random from one of the Renowns/reputation factions. 

Special Assignment

There are 2 Special Assignments per week in two random zones. The assignment is to complete 3 World Quests and then you will get an elite quest to complete in that zone as well. Once completed you will be rewarded with a Pinnacle Cache that also contains 200 reputation with the zone that had the special assignment. If it is Azj-Kahet, you will reputation with all 3 Notrierty factions and The Severed Threads renown. 


28 Jun 2024