How to get The Seething Slug Mount

Very fast and easy way to get a nice snail mount in patch 10.1

You need to collect 3 Seething Orbs in Zaqali Caldera in Zaralek Caverns. Once they are collected, you will go to a shrine where you open a Seething Cache that contains the mount. Collecting a seething will give you a 60 min debuff (Insidious Insight). You have to collect all 3 orbs to gain 3 stacks of the debuff. 

First orb is located at 34.3,45.7 (see map)

Second orb is located 30.2,40.0 inside a cave. The cave entrance is 30.4,41.15.

You can also die in this area and spawn directly inside the cave since there is a spirit healer that can resurrect you in there. 

Third orb is located 27.7,49.0 (see map)

Once you have collected all orbs and 3 stacks, you will get a text on the screen saying: “You hear a dark hiss from the northern shrine”.

The northern shrine is located at 32.3,38.9 (see map), here you will find a seething cache that contains the mount. 

16 Apr 2023