Season 4 updated information

Awakened Raids and Powerful Rewards

One of the most thrilling features of this season is the introduction of Awakened raids. Every two weeks, one of the three Dragonflight raids will become Awakened, featuring stronger enemies and upgraded loot. Players can look forward to a new tier token for new tier pieces dropped by all three raids. Additionally, defeating Awakened bosses will earn players Antique Bronze Bullion, which can be exchanged for weapons and powerful items. Legendary items will continue to drop as usual, but players will now have the opportunity to upgrade their items to the Season 4 ilvls.

This is how long time it will take. Also transmogs are not added (costs 1 bullion each) and mount is not added (costs 3 bullions). 

Return of Mythic+ Dungeons

Mythic+ dungeons are also making a comeback in Dragonflight Season 4. Players can return to all eight Dragonflight dungeons for a refined and rewarding progression curve. Those who prove themselves as dedicated defenders can obtain the new Keystone Master mount, the Infinite Armoredon. Players can also earn new titles based on their Mythic+ Rating.

PvP Season 4: New Gear Sets, Mounts, and Titles

PvP enthusiasts are not left out as Season 4 arrives with PvP rankings reset, new gear sets, mounts, titles, and more! Notable changes in the dungeon include the removal of the timer for Mythic Keystone dungeons for 0 and 10. The Heroic difficulty and rewards will move up to roughly the current level of Mythic 0, while the Mythic 0 difficulty and rewards will move up to roughly the current level of Mythic 8-10.

Northrend Cup: A Thrilling Dragonrider Racing Event

The season also introduces the Northrend Cup, a dragonrider racing event that will run from April 30 through May 14. Players can participate and compete for glory in this thrilling event.

Class Changes and Dungeon Adjustments

In terms of class changes, Season 4 will see a reduction in the overall throughput of some healers to better align with tuning goals. Various changes and adjustments have also been made to the dungeons and raids to enhance the gaming experience.

Battleground Blitz Brawl: Contributing to the PvP Track

Lastly, the honor gained from the Battleground Blitz Brawl will now contribute towards the PvP track in the Great Vault, adding another layer of excitement to the player versus player experience.

For more detailed information, players are encouraged to refer to the original text or visit the World of Warcraft customer support site. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to embark on new adventures in Dragonflight Season 4!

19 Apr 2024