9.2.5 - SEASON 4 FATED RAIDS Explained

In Season 4, which is coming out in summer 2022, we are getting an increase in ilvl rewards from dungeons, pvp and also raids. When it comes to raids, there are some changes and systems that we are not used to which Blizzard are testing for future expansions. This system will include that:

  • New System Fated - All 3 Shadowlands Raids will give higher ilvl gear reward
  • All 3 Shadowlands Raids will be available but only one of them per week.
  • What Raid difficulties are Fated
  • What Affixes are added in Fated Raids

Fated - Old raids give higher ilvl reward

In Shadowlands, we had 3 raids which are

  • Castle Nathria (From Season 1)
  • Sanctum of Domination (From Season 2)
  • Sepulcher of the First Ones (From Season 3)

In Season 4, we are getting something called “Fated”.
This Fated system is a new system implemented in Season 4 which will increase the ilvl gear of old raids. Fated will also add an affix in the boss fights of the raid as well. Adding an affix means that a new boss ability is added into the fight. Affix in this case is a Fated power.

The ilvl reward from the Fated raids are following.

Raid Finder

265 - 272 ilvl


278 - 285 ilvl 


291 - 298 ilvl 


304 - 311 ilvl 

All 3 Raids Fated but one per week

When Season 4 is out, we will get these 3 raids in a weekly rotation. Meaning, only one of the raids is tagged as a Fated raid.

First week we are getting Castle Nathria as Fated.

Second week we are getting Sanctum of Domination as Fated.

Third week we are getting Sepulcher of the First Ones as Fated.

Then it starts over again with Castle Nathria.

You can see which raid is fated by opening your Adventure Guide.

What Raid Difficulties are Fated

There are 4 raid difficulties in World of Warcraft, which are

  • Raid Finder
  • Normal
  • Heroic
  • Mythic

All four difficulties are available as Fated raids when each of the 3 raids are available.

What Affixes are added in Fated Raids

The Affixed are called Fated powers, and there are 4:

  • Fated Power: Chaotic Essence
  • Fated Power: Protoform Barrier
  • Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter
  • Fated Power: Replicating Essence

When a boss has a Fated power, that boss is empowered and will cast the Fated Power ability during the fight.

Fated Power: Chaotic Essence

Summons a Chaotic Essence which casts Chaotic Destruction, inflicting 800 Cosmic damage to all players if successful.

Upon interaction, the essence becomes hostile and instead continuously manifests Chaotic Motes. These motes channel 3 Cosmic damage into targeted players every 0.5 sec. for 3 sec. When defeated each mote splits into additional motes.

After 15 sec the Chaotic Essence dissipates, granting all players 2% increased damage done, 2% increased healing done, and 2% absorbs done for 30 sec. This effect stacks for each Chaotic Mote slain.

Fated Power: Protoform Barrier

Protects the caster, reducing damage taken by 5% for 15 sec. This effect stacks every 1 sec.

Upon expiration the barrier shatters, inflicting 80 Cosmic damage to all players.

If broken this effect backfires, inflicting all damage done to each enemy during the barrier as Cosmic damage, and additionally grants all players 10%-20% increased damage done for 20 sec.

Fated Power: Reconfiguration Emitter

Taints a player, inflicting 15 Cosmic damage every 1 sec. for 15 sec.

Upon removal this power [explodes for 50 Cosmic damage to allies within 5 yards, manifesting][manifests]as an attackable enemy, which continuously casts. Successful casts inflict 40 Cosmic damage to all players. [Every 5 sec. the caster gains 5% increased damage done. This effect stacks.]

While present the caster grants all players 5% increased damage done, 15% increased damage taken, and 15% increased healing done. This effect is disabled while the caster is unable to act.

[When successfully interrupted the caster radiates, inflicting 5 Cosmic damage to all players.]

Fated Power: Replicating Essence

Ensnares afflicted players, reducing movement speed by 15% and inflicting 15 Cosmic damage every 1 sec. for 5 sec.

Upon removal this essence patterns inself as 2 attackable enemies, which continuously channels 3 Cosmic damage every 0.5 sec. into targeted players for 4 sec.

Upon defeat grants all players 2% increased damage done and 2% increased healing and absorbs done for 5 sec.[This effect stacks and adds to the previous duration.]

Upon reaching full power, this essence replicates itself into 2 additional copies, exhausting itself preventing additional replication and no longer grants players any beneficial effects upon defeat. Exhausted Essences continuously channels 5 Cosmic damage every 1 sec. into multiple targeted players for 4 sec.


26 May 2022