FULL GUIDE: Mythic Dungeons in Season 4 (9.2.7)

Dungeon changes in Season 4

In Season 4, we will get 8 dungeons that comes from shadowlands and previous expansions into the M+ dungeon pool. These 8 dungeons will be the ones that are available for M+, meaning, the other shadowlands dungeons are no longer active for M+.

  1. Tazavesh: Streets of Wonder
  2. Tazavesh: So’leah’s Gambit

  3. Operation Mechagon: Junkyard
  4. Operation Mechagon: Workshop

  5. Return to Karazhan: Lower
  6. Return to Karazhan: Upper

  7. Grimrail Depot
  8. Iron Docks

The Shadowlands dungeons that are not included in Season 4 can still be done on Mythic difficulty (M0) but not Mythic +.

You can still run M0 dungeons for the weekly quest “Emissary of War” where you must complete 4 Mythic dungeons.

You cannot enter a shadowlands dungeon (except Tazavesh) and do it on M+ difficulty. The Font of Power device in which you insert your Mythic Keystone is removed on Season 4.

Season 4: Loot and ilvl

Completing M+ dungeons

Loot from the Weekly Vault will only drop gear from the 8 dungeons that are active in Season 4. When I checked the weekly vault on the PTR, I got following from the same week:

  • Logic Loop of Division (Mechagon: Junkyard)
  • Frozen-Link Chestguard (Upper Karazhan)
  • Dragonbane Diadem (Tazavesh: Gambit)
  • Kihra´s Adrenaline Injector (Iron Docks)
  • Orbitwarp Culattes (Tazavesh: Streets)
  • Discount Mail-Order Belt (Tazavesh: Streets)
  • Miniscule Mailemental in an Envelope (Tazavesh: Streets)
  • Swift Pneumatic Grips (Mechagon: Workshop)
  • Roughshod Chain Boots (Mechagon: Junkyard)
  • Miniscule Mailemental in an Envelope (Tazavesh: Streets) (again)


Completing Shadowlands M0 dungeons (not the 8)

It seems that you will get rewarded with Weekly Vault by completing M0 shadowlands dungeons since you can run those dungeons that are not included in the 8 M+ Season 4 dungeons. Also since you can complete the weekly event quest “Emissary of War“ by completing M0 shadowlands dungeons.


Mythic plus ilvl reward and Weekly Vault

Keystone Level

End of Dungeon

Weekly Great Vault











































Season 4 Affix: Shrouded

The new Affix: Shrouded has added dreadlords inside the dungeon. There are two types of dreadlords: Nathrezim Infiltrators and Zul'gamux.

Nathrezim Infiltrators

  • These dreadlords are disguised and look like the enemies inside the dungeon.
  • You can still know which mob is a dreadlord because they have a special aura on them. This aura is called Disguised (Something doesn’t look quite right). You can also spot a dreadlord in disguise by seeing that the mob has a dark glow.
  • Dreadlords in disguise will show their true nature once you attack it, and once you kill it, it will become trapped and captured by the Bounty NPC you spoke to at the start of the dungeon.
  • These dreadlords cannot be cc´d in any way.

These Infiltrators have 3 abilities:

Vampiric Claws
Does damage to the enemy and heals the dreadlord based on dmg done.

Carrion Swarm
Does a frontal that does dmg and reduces healing received by 25% for 10 sec.

Nightmare Cloud
Creates a Cloud until cancelled. Coming into contact with the Cloud puts the player into a statis.


  • During the dungeon, one Disguised mob will instead turn in to Zul'gamux.
  • This is a harder mob compared to the infiltrators.

Zul'gamux have 4 abilities:

Shadow Claws
The dmg puts a stacking  12 sec debuff on the target.
This is a magic debuff and can be dispelled.

Blood Barrier
Puts a shield on her and does dmg to players. Also heals herself based on the dmg.
Cannot be interrupted until the shield is broken.

Shadow Eruption
A 5 sec cast that will do a shadow explosion around her that does dmg and reduce healing received by 70% for 10 sec on players hit.

Hypnosis Bat
Summons a Hypnosis Bat on a player.

This player becomes hostile to other players.
This player takes ticking dmg.
This player can attack other players but also enemy mobs.
This player has a shield and when the shield is broken the dmg debuff is removed.
Enemies and other players can destroy the shield.

Secondary Stat Buff

When starting a dungeon, there is a Bounty Hunter NPC next to you called Taílh.

This NPC will offer you a specific buff when you capture a dreadlord.

You have the opportunity to choose which buff you want to get. If you do not choose, then you will get Versatility automatically.

This Bounty buff starts at 2% (1% of you pic versatility) of the stat that you picked.

Each stack you have on your stat buff gives 2% of the secondary stat that you picked.

When you kill a Nathrezim Infiltrators, you get one stack (2%).

When you kill Zul'gamux, you get three stacks (6%).





25 Jun 2022