Sanctum of Domination Raid Boss Tactics/Guide: SOULRENDER DORMAZAIN


  • During this encounter, you will fight boss, some adds that spawns and handle some mechanics that comes via Garrosh caused by the boss.
  • Tank swap each Ruinblade.
  • When boss torments Garrosh, dodge the anima pizza slices. Stand closer to Garrosh side of the platform, so it will be easier to dodge.
  • When boss reaches 100 energy, we get waves of Torments. Stand close to Garrosh so it will be easier to dodge. And nuke boss during this phase.
  • When adds spawn, slow/stun them and nuke them. Interrupt their cast. Players with red circle around them (debuff) stand on top of the adds so they take more dmg, but beware standing on other players, they will take dmg.
  • When Shackles spawn under Garrosh, have 3 players click on one each and one by one runs away 30 yards to snap it and break it. Healers, heal up raid between every shackle break. You have 50 sec to complete this or Garrosh will roar and do deadly dmg.


Have a mark on each pizza slice so it is easier to call out what slice to stand on during the fight.

When no adds, fight near the markers.

Abilities and Tactics

Ruinblade (Tanks)

Hits main tank with very high physical dmg.

Leaves a stacking debuff that increase physical dmg taken by 100% for 40 sec.

Tactics: Ruinblade

Tank swap each Ruinblade.


  • Boss torments Garrosh.
  • This starts an event of animas on the platform.
  • The platform is divided in 4 pizza slices.
  • 3 out of 4 slices will be covered in anima starting from far back and growing over the slices.
  • If a player is on a anima covered pizza slice they take very high shadow dmg plus high shadow dmg every 2 sec for 6 sec and stacks.

Tactics: Torment

  • Fight boss closer to Garrosh at front (not under Garrosh because you take dmg and knockback when to close).
  • In this way you will have more time to move to another pizza slice fast enough before the slices are covered with anima.
  • Put a marker on each slice so it will be easier to call out where to run to the raid.

 HEROIC MODE - Rendered Soul

Every time Garrosh is tormented splinters of his soul falls on the platform and do very high Shadow dmg to players within 5 yards of impact.

Tactics – Rendered Soul

Dodge the swirls on the ground.

Call Mawsworn and Brand of Torment

  • Boss will call adds that spawns on the far back side.
  • These adds will move towards Garrosh.
  • These adds will cast Agonizing Spikes on random players that does Shadow dmg and slow players within 5 yards for 6 sec.
  • Reaching Garrosh will increase their dmg by 200% and they also become immune to cc.

Brand of Torment

  • During the add phase, random players will also get a debuff called Brand of Torment for 16 seconds.
  • A red circle around you.
  • Any players or adds that are inside the circle (25 yards) will take shadow dmg every 2 sec.
  • Adds will take 50% increased dmg when inside the red circle of the player.

Tactics: Adds and Brand of Torment

  • Use class abilities to bring the adds together.
    Tank Death Knights can pull in all enemies.
    Dps Death Knights can pull in a single enemy.
    Demon Hunter Tanks can use Sigil of Chains to pull them in.
    Monks can use Ring of Peace to push them closer.
  • AoE nuke the adds or single target them if you can´t bring the adds together.
  • Cc the adds (slow, stun etc).
  • Interrupt the adds.
  • Players with the Brand of Torment debuff position yourself so the adds are inside your red circle for increased dmg taken on them. Other players must move away and stand melee try to stand somewhere so you don’t stand in the red circle.

Warmonger´s Shackle

  • Boss will spawn 3 Warmonger Shackles underneath Garrosh.
  • When this happens, Garrosh will start casting Hellscream, a 50 sec cast.
    Hellscream is a deadly roar that does very high physical dmg every 1 sec.
    On HEROIC MODE – It will also fear players.
  • All 3 Shackles must be removed to interrupt the Hellscream.
  • Breaking a Shackle will do high Nature dmg to all players.
  • On HEROIC MODE – The player that breaks a Shackle will get a debuff that does low Shadow dmg every 2 sec until canceled. That players will also not be able to interact with a Shackle.

Tactics: Warmongers Shackle

  • When Garrosh starts casting Hellscream, you have 50 sec to break all 3 Shackles and have time to heal up the raid in between.
  • Have at least 6 players chosen from start (with some backup), that will handle the Shackles.
  • 3 players run to the shackles under boss and click on them. You must then run away 30 yards with the shackle to snap it. This breaks a Shackle.
  • Make sure that the raid is healed up before breaking the 2nd and then the 3rd
  • Healers beware and heal up the entire raid fast every time a Shackle is broken.

Encore of Torment (Boss at 100 energy)

When boss reaches 100 energy, he will run to Garrosh and starts casting Encore of Torments, that lasts for 30 sec.

During these 30 secs, we will get waves of Torment (the anima pizza slices).

Tactics: Encore of Torment (Boss at 100 energy)

  • Stand close to boss and move fast to each side that is free.
  • Use class abilities to increase movement speed such as druid roar and shaman totem.
  • Nuke boss while dodging the anima slices.


29 May 2021