Sack of Oddities - All stuff it can contain

There are new renown vendors added in the forbidden reach in patch 10.0.7. These are located in Morqut Village.  

The Dragonscale expedition vendor sells two types of bags. Dragonscale Supply Crate and Sack of Oddities. The Sack of Oddities costs 1000 Elemental Overflow which seems like a lot pre 10.0.7. But you will gain much more Elemental Overflows in the Forbidden Reach since all mobs (except small ones) will drop it. There are even places where you farm loads of them. I found an area where I farmed more than 10 000 Elemental Overflows per hour (check out my guide here). 

However, this post is about the Sack of Oddities and what it contains and why it will be an amazingly great way to farm various items. I´ve bought over 80 bags and here are the different items you can get. 

  • Elemental Overflow
    Yes, you can get back the same currency. You will get between 1-5000 Elemental Overflow.

  • Pet
    The pet tied to this bag is Shaggy. 

  • Bind on Account Primal Gear
    You can get all types of Primal Gear, meaning the ones that were added in 10.0 (385 ilvl) and 10.0.5 (389 ilvl). This primal gear is account bind so you can send it to your other characters in your account. 

  • Zskera Keys
    You have a chance of getting between 1-3 Zskera Keys. This is a really good way to farm these keys, because they have a really high chance of dropping from this bag. Zskera Keys are used for unlocking doors in the new Neltharion Vault added in 10.0.7 (more info here). 

  • Upgrade Primal Gear
    A new item added in 10.0.7 is called Untapped Forbidden Knowledge. This item states the following: “A potent tome found within the Forbidden Reach. This can be used to enhance Primal Stom gear to its greatest potential”. Comparing this item to the Storm Sigils that states “used to upgrade Primal Storm Gear”, it seems that the Untapped item will increase the ilvl even higher than 385 ilvl. We will see what it will turn out to in later PTR upgrades.

14 Feb 2023