RIP Ineffable Truth?

In the next day or two, hotfix will make it so the flat cooldown reduction provided by certain abilities such as Fist of Justice (we will know others soon), will not be unintentionally increased by effects that increase your cooldown rate such as the corruption Ineffable Truth.

The different abilities that has a flat cooldown reduction are:

Death Knight – Unholy

Army of the Damned - Death Coil reduces the cooldown of Apocalypse by 1 sec and Army of the Dead by 5 sec.

Demon Hunter – Havoc

Eyes of Rage - Consuming a Soul Fragment reduces the cooldown of Eye Beam by 0.7 sec.

Hunter - Beast Mastery

Barbed Shot - Sends your pet into a frenzy, increasing attack speed by 30% for 8 sec, stacking up to 3 times.
Rapid Reload - Multi-Shots that damage more than 2 targets fire an additional wave of bullets, dealing 1817 damage and reducing the cooldown of your Aspects by 1 sec.

Mage – Frost

Blizzard - Each time Blizzard deals damage, the cooldown of Frozen Orb is reduced by 0.5 sec

Mage – Fire

Kindling - Your Fireball, Pyroblast, Fire Blast, and Phoenix Flames critical strikes reduce the remaining cooldown on Combustion by 1.0 sec.

Monk Windwalker

Blackout Kick - Reduces the cooldown of Rising Sun Kick and Fists of Fury by 1.0 sec when used

Rogue – Outlaw

Restless Blades - Finishing moves reduce the remaining cooldown of many of your abilities by 1 sec per combo point.

Rogue – Subtlety

Deepening Shadows - Your finishing moves reduce the remaining cooldown on Shadow Dance

Warrior – Arms, Fury, Protection

Anger Management – Every Rage you spend reduces the remaining cooldown on many abilities based on spec by 1 sec.

Ian tweeted that they will not break playstyles when looking at which specs will be affected. Such as fire mages.

29 May 2020