NEW EVENT in 10.1: Researchers Under Fire: Zaqali Ruin Investigation

This event is located at the center of Zaralek Cavern. 

When does the event start

The event starts every hour at the half-hour (11:30, 12:30 etc). 

How long is the event

The event will be ongoing for 25 minutes. 

What is the event about

The adventurer Rannan Koren, a member of the Dragonscale Expedition, often heads into the fray before his colleagues are ready. You’ll get to know Rannan and his new Niffen friends Tuberros and Perisimona during the Embers of Neltharion campaign, and you’ll then assist Rannan and his small group of researchers through a new public event located in the heart of the Zaralek Cavern. His group, with the players help, will try to lift a hostile titan lockdown of a mining operation in the Sulfur Wastes, or investigate an abandoned Zaqali Djaradin ruins in the Molten Overflow.

The task is to Defeat enemies in different waves around this area in order to let our Researchers complete their Objectives during 25 minutes. It requires many players to defeat the powerful foes that will resist Rannan and his company as they seek to complete their objectives. The area is dangerous and the time the researchers have is limited.

How does it work

For 25 mintes, there are 12 Research Objectives that you can complete. Completing one objective leads to the next one. Each objective is about killing different types of Elite Mobs. 

The final wave is to kill a boss called Captain Reykal.

What are the rewards

Players will be rewarded each week based on the highest number of objectives they complete. Completing more objectives in later scenarios will garner higher item level and greater currency rewards, but helping each time will provide some compensation and a chance for more rewards.

Killing this boss, Captain Reykalm, will reward 

  • Adventurer Gear ⅜ 395 ilvl
  • Flightstones  x16
  • An Achievement “Nothing Stops the Research”

Completing the event rewards

After the kill you head to final stage which is to talk to the researchers and get your final rewards which is a Researcher´s Gift. This changes based on how much you have participated in the event and how many objectives have been cleared. 


Clearing 5 Objectives rewarded Researcher´s Gift which contained:

  • 351 gold (second time I didnt get any gold)
  • Dragon Isles Supplies x50
  • Flightstones x 11-13
  • Loam Niffen reputation 250
  • Gear: 389 Adventurer 1/8 or 2/8 (392 ilv)
  • Unearthed Fragrant Coin x15


  • Dragon Isles Supplies x100
  • Flightstones x 23
  • Loam Niffen reputation 500
  • Gear: 389 Adventurer 2/8 (392 ilv)
  • Unearthed Fragrant Coin x30

Tier 3 Reward


Ther rewards are based on Tier. The higher tier the better reward. You can mouseover the event and see what tier you have completed. I do not know what the max tier is. 


16 Apr 2023