9.1.5 Relic Examination Techniques doesn’t increase cataloged research

When turning in relics and cataloged research items to the Archivist, you will get half of that amount turned into the cataloged research currency.

In 9.1.5, one of the items added to the Archivist Vendor in Korthia is the Research Report: Relic Examination Techniques. This is a Blizzard Account item, meaning that you can buy it on the character that you are rank 6 with, which is the requirement for buying it, and then send to any of your characters. This item will make you gain 50% more reputation with the Archivist´s Codex when you turn in relics to the Archivist.

I tried this out on the PTR to check if you also got more  cataloged research currency. Before I bought the item, I turned in 10 Relics to the Archivist and got 5 reputation and 5 Cataloged Research. Then I bought the Research Report: Relic Examination Techniques and turned in 10 Relics. I got 7 reputations but still 5 Cataloged Research. This means that you will not get more cataloged research when turning in Relics, you only get more reputation. 

26 Sep 2021