How to get Reins of the Soaring Meaderbee Mount

There is a vendor NPC called Cendvin, located in Cinderbrew Meadery in Isle of Dorn (/way 74.33,45.31). This NPC sells an item for a special currency called Sizzling Cinderpollen. 

  • Reins of the Soaring Meaderbee
    Costs 900 Sizzling Cinderpollen

He also sells a Recipe for gold: 

  • Recipe: Cinder Nectar
    Teaches you how to craft Cinder Nectar.
    Restores 3.7 million mana over 20 sec.
    Costs 120g. 

How to farm Sizzling Cinderpollen

Head to the North Eastern part of Isle of Dorn (no name on that location yet). 

There are loads of Elite mobs here and they drop the Sizzling Cinderpollen. Each mob drops around 1-3. The mobs you need to attack and loot are the bees there. 

You need to farm 900 so make a group or join a group so that you can kill many of them much faster. 

Credits to Toolock for noticing the Currency!

7 Jul 2024