Recent Beta built – Tank nerfs and buffs

Blood Death Knight

Necrolord Covenant got slightly tweaked.

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Description changes only for easier understanding.  

Guardian Druid

The Legendary (Ursoc´s Fury) makes Thrash grant you an absorb shield. This was 100% shield of the dmg it deals and got reduced to 75%.

Brewmaster Monk

Keg Smash got nerfed again.
Last nerf was a Keg Smash cooldown reduction on brew from 4s to 3s.
This newest nerf makes Keg Smash do reduced dmg when more than 5 enemies.

Protection Paladin

Armor gains from gear increased by 10%.

Necrolord Covenant got a slight buff.

Protection Warrior

The legendary (Misshapen Mirror) Spell reflect will only affect one ally (the closest) instead of the entire party.

Vanguard buffed with additional 10% armor increment from Strength.

1 Oct 2020