Raid Tactic Guide: Gore, The Jungle Lord/ The Revenant

The alliance and Horde have different bosses, but the abilities are exact the same.

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Tantrum (important)

Boss will Tantrum when

  • He reaches 100 energy
  • When hit by Discharge Apetagonizer Core

When Boss Tantrums he pounds the ground and does very high nature dmg to all players.

The Tantrum will also put a stacking debuff (Shattered) to all players  every 1 sec for 4 sec (up to 4 stacks).

Shattered debuff does Nature damage every 2 sec and also increase damage taken from Tantrum by 30% for 40 sec.

Tactics: Tantrum

The goal is to NOT let the boss reach 100 energy.
Hit the boss with Discharge Apetagonizer Core when he has 50-55 energy.
The Core is dropped by the add Apetagonizer3000 (Horde) or  Death Specter (Alliance) when dead.
Holding the Core does dmg to the player, have a player that can handle more dmg.

Heavy burst dmg on raid, beware.
Beware of the player holding the Core until used, heal the player up.

Bestial Combo (Tanks/Raid)

Boss does a combo of 3 attacks that are random between these abilities:

  • Smash
    Boss smashes the main tank with very high physical dmg and puts the stacking debuff, Crushed.
    Crushed increase the dmg taken by smash by 500% for 2.5 sec.

  • Bite
    Boss does bleed dmg on main tank that does physical damage every 1 sec for 10 sec.

  • Throw
    Boss picks up main tank and squeezes for 5 sec.
    This does physical dmg every 1 sec.
    After the squeez, boss throws the tank and a random player location.
    The random player gets stunned and the damage is to all players, further away, the less dmg players take.

Tactics: Bestial Combo

Tank swap after a Smash.
Use defensives before Smash and also when boss does throw
Bleed can be removed with immune abilities such as Paladin bubble and Blessing of Protection.

Player targeted by Bestial Impact must run away from raid.
Raid makes sure you are far away from targeted player.

Reverberating Slam

Boss slams a nearby enemy (Melee) , does high physical dmg in a 10 yard radius,
After a short delay , the area will explode

Tactics: Reverberating Slam

Spread the melee around boss.
No melee close to tanks.

Move away fast from the Slam.

On Heroic: divide the melee into 3 groups and make sure you are close to each other in the group because of Ferocious Roar that fears if you are not close:

  • One group behind
  • One group one left side
  • One group on right side

Angry Ape/Necrotic Ape

Grong gains Rage during the fight.

  • At 70% health, the Rage grows faster
  • At 40% health, the Rage grows even faster

Tactics: Angry Ape/Necrotic Ape

Blood Lust/Time Warp/Heroism when boss reaches 40% since the Rage will grow really fast and boss must die fast. Also, healers need to top players up fast when the tantrum comes faster.

The Adds

Horde has two adds, one that is flying around  (Wrangler) and one that is summoned on the platform (Apetagonizer 3000).
Alliance has one add (Death Specter) that is summoned on the platform. This add does the same as both Horde adds.

Voodoo Blast/Seeker Missile

  • Voodoo Blast is cause by Death Specter for Alliance and by Wrangler for Horde.
  • They target ranged players with missiles that does high fire damage on player direction in a 10 yard radius.
  • The blast leaves a pool that does damage every 1.5 sec when standing on it.

Apetagonizer/Death Specter

This add will shock the boss and increase the Rage by 10. This cannot be interrupted.

When add dies it explodes and does damage to all players within 15 yards and a knock back. If the boss is close to the explosion, it gains 50 energy.

When the add dies it will also leave a Core. When picked up by a player, it does damage every sec for 15 sec.
Player with this core can throw it at boss ( a new ability appears on screen).
You will only have it for 15 seconds. 

Throwing the Core removes 5% health from boss, and also cause Tantrum .

Tactics: Adds

Ranged players
Ranged runs as one when they need to move away from missile. 
Ranged dps must interrupt the add fast when it spawns
Ranged dps must nuke the add on the ground fast.

Melee dps must help and kill the add on the platform fast.
Melee dps must help interupting the add

Move the boss away from the add fast so the boss doesn’t take dmg from the explosion when add dies.

Have a player picking up the Core.
Use the Core on boss when it reaches 50 Energy/Rage.
The extra button has a small cast timer 2 sec. Remember that when you click on it.
The extra button shares global cooldown, remember that when you click.
The extra core/button will only be available for 15 sec, remember that. 

Beware of extra dmg on player holding the Core.

Ferocious Roar (HEROIC)

Boss does physical damage to all players and will also fear all players for 5 sec that are not standing near another players.

Tactic: Ferocious Roar (HEROIC)

Divide the melee into 3 groups

  • One group behind
  • One group one left side
  • One group on right side

The ranged group will be one stacked group. 
Start on far left side together. 

Hug each other when Boss doesn’t do Slam
Have one healer on tanks, because one tank will be thrown away from time to time. 


20 Jan 2019