Mythic and first wing of Raid Finder now available in North America and tomorrow in EU


  • Normal and Heroic mode will be open on December 2nd US and 3rd EU.
  • Heroic will be open December 9th US and 10th EU
  • Raid Finder will be opened: Wing 1 on December 9th US 10th EU, Wing 2 on December 16th US 17th EU and Wing 3 on January 6th US 7th EU.

Players will need a minimum Item Level of 615 to enter the ogres’ domain Raid Finder.

Ilvl loot will be as following:

      • LFR: 640
      • Normal: 655
      • Heroic: 670
      • Mythic: 685

Check out the new updated Raid Guide for Highmaul here!

9 Dec 2014