Public test realm (PTR) has released the next patch 6.1

Several cool things have been released on the test realm, such as:

  • Chauffered Chopper: Summon a chauffer to drive you around on a chopper.
  • Heirloom tokens allow you to upgrade your heirlooms to level 90 or level 100
  • Several new toys
  • new tier of Apexis Crystal gear that is ilvl 670
  • Tons of new achievements from the Darkmoon Faire
  • Garrisons have numerous improvements.
  • Legendary follower
  • Harrison Jonesis also a new follower.
  • There are new Garrison missions and rewards
  • class changes that are tooltip updates for existing hotfixes

Click here to get to the complete list published on WoWHead.

10 Jan 2015