Pre-Patch Event goes live 30th of July

After discussing the date and the nature of the quests in the pre-patch, it was noted that the quests in the pre-patch are weeklies, indicating that the pre-patch is expected to last for a month. However, a recent development has shed light on the actual release date of the pre-patch.

Toolock discovered the date in the data and revealed that the Pre-Patch is scheduled to launch on July 30th. This information suggests that the pre-patch may be released on July 30th for the US region, with the possibility of the EU region receiving it on the 31st.

This new information provides clarity on the duration and release date of the pre-patch, offering a more precise timeline for players to anticipate.The release date of the pre-patch is a crucial piece of information for players eagerly awaiting the new content and changes in the game.

19 Jun 2024