Plunderstorm - Fastest way to get reputation - Dragonflight 10.2.6

If you're looking to quickly increase your renown in Plunderstorm, there is a straightforward method that can help you achieve your goal. Here's a guide on the fastest way to gain reputation and increase your renown:

  1. Focus on the Personal World Quests: You will always get a personal world quests once you land check what it is. 

  2. Get In, Do the Quest, Get Out: To maximize efficiency, prioritize completing the personal world quest as quickly as possible. Avoid getting distracted by other activities. Focus solely on the task at hand.

  3. Optimize Time Management: To speed up the process, minimize any unnecessary delays or detours. Avoid spending excessive time exploring or engaging in non-relevant activities. Stick to the main objective and complete it as efficiently as possible.

  4. Repeat the Process: Once you've completed one personal world quest, quickly run into enemies and die, do not leave the game. If you leave the game you get gold reduction as penatly. 

A normal run gives around 100-200 reputation for 5+ min gameplay. 

A run where you become top 10 gives 500-600 reputation and 10+ min gameplay. 

Focusing on the world quest only gives 250 rep + extra (300+ rep) and takes 2 min. 

20 Mar 2024