Play Hearthstone in World of Warcraft - Hearthstone 10th Anniversary

You will start with getting a letter once you log in to the game the first time during the Hearthstone Anniversary event. This letter is called Hearthstone Invitation Letter. 

This is what the quest says: 

It's Hearthstone's Anniversary!

Speak with M.C. Farala in Valdrakken, in the Seat of the Aspects.

Hearthstone Invitation Letter (Provided)


"Hearthstone's been played for ten years, can you believe it? I'm hosting Hearthstone games in Valdrakken, way up in the Seat of the Aspects. Come join us! -Farala, Master of Ceremonies"

The letter invites you to celebrate Hearthstone's Anniversary by speaking with M.C. Farala in Valdrakken, in the Seat of the Aspects.

From here you will get a quest to play Hearthstone and you will be provided with a Hearthstone starter pack to begin your game.

This is what the quest says: 

Play Hearthstone!

Play 5 Hearthstone cards at a Hearthstone Game Table, or Wild Cards NEAR a Hearthstone Game Table.

Cards Played (5)

Provided item: Item #212979


It's time to play Hearthstone! Here's a starter pack -- open it up and add those cards to you collection. Then, if you can find a seat at the game table, then sit down with someone else and play! Or if you can't find a seat, then you'll want some Wild cards.... I didn't tell you this but there's a shady card dealer lurking around here somewhere.

You will be able to play Hearthstone at a Hearthstone Game Table or you can also play something called Hearthstone Wild Card near a Hearthstone Game Table. But to get Hearthstone Wild Cards you must find  a "shady card dealer" NPC. This shady card dealer is found close to hearthstone gametable and can provide you with the Wild cards you need to participate in the matches. 

These Special Hearthstone matches will be held in the capital cities. During these matches, you can win or lose games of Hearthstone. The game also includes various actions such as holding a Hearthstone Card, summoning a Hearthstone Card, and holding lots of Hearthstone Cards.

22 Feb 2024