Pet that makes you purple and drunk?

The Mind Slurp pet is a unique companion that occasionally  turns its owner purple and occasionally causes dizziness.


Here's a guide on how to obtain this intriguing pet in the south-eastern part of Azj-Kahet:

  • Black Blood Extractor: To begin your task for the Mind Slurp pet, head to the south-eastern part of Azj-Kahet. Look for Black Blood Extractors scattered around the area. Interact with one of these extractors to obtain the "Unseeming Shift" debuff.

  • Unseeming Shift Debuff: Once you have the "Unseeming Shift" debuff, it's time to locate the treasure. The debuff will enable you to see a Corrupted Memory in the area. Head to /way 62.37,87.90 where the treasure is. 

  • Defeat the Corrupted Memory: Engage the Corrupted Memory and eliminate it to obtain a Cache Key. This key is essential for accessing the treasure chest that contains the Mind Slurp pet.

  • Treasure Chest: With the Cache Key in your possession, locate the treasure chest in the vicinity. Use the Cache Key to open the chest and claim your reward – the charming and whimsical Mind Slurp pet.

Upon obtaining the Mind Slurp pet, be prepared to experience the occasional effects of dizziness and the unique visual transformation to a purple hue.

3 Jul 2024