Patch 7.3.5 Guide

All the things coming in patch 7.3.5

1) New Storyline: Silithus

Silithus will have a new storyline for level 110 players. 
You will get a quest directly when you log on that tells you to head to your capital city for more information.

The storyline has 5 chapters. We could only test 2 of them on PTR.

A Terrible Purpose
Twilight Lexicon
Twilight´s Run
Unraveling the Mystery
Mistress Natalia Mar´alith

2) Ulduar raid Achievements 10 and 25 player merged

The Raid Achievements for the Ulduar raid “Glory of the Ulduar Raider” normally comes in 10 and 25 man.

The 10 man mount reward was Reins of the Rusted Proto-Drake
The 25 man mount reward was Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake

When patch 7.3.5 hits live servers, these achievements will be merged as one.
No matter if you have completed the 10 or 25 or both, you will get both 10 and 25 mount rewards.

3) New battleground - Seething Shore

A new battleground will be implemented, called Seething Shore.
This battleground takes place in Silithus and is tied to the new expansion.
Horde and Alliance will descend upon Silithus to battle over the Azerite bubbling to the surface.

This Battleground has a dynamic control point gameplay.
Imagine Arathi Basin, if there were multiple possible flag locations that are active randomly at a given time. This will be the same but it will be crystals.
Each of those crystals on the map is a potential point where Azerite infusion can occur. 
There are 3 active at a given time.
Our job is to claim 1500 first before the opposite faction does, and we win.


  • A Good Start Collect 100,000 Azerite in Seething Shore.20 points.
  • Blood and Sand Slay 50 enemies near a Rich Azerite deposit.10 points.
  • Claim Jumper Within 30 seconds of landing on Seething Shore, collect a Rich Azerite deposit.10 points.
  • Death from Above Slay an enemy within 30 seconds of landing on Seething Shore.10 points.
  • Master of Seething Shore Complete the Seething Shore achievements listed below.25 points.
  • Seething Shore Domination Capture Capture Rich Azerite each of the following locations in Seething Shore:20 points.
  • Seething Shore Perfection Win Seething Shore with a score of 3000 to 0. 1500 to 0. 20 points.
  • Seething Shore Veteran Complete 100 victories in Seething Shore.15 points.
  • Seething Shore Victory Win Seething Shore.10 points.

4) Heirloom gear nerfed in 7.3.5

In patch 7.3.5, it will take longer time to kill mobs and you cannot pull to many like you are used to. That will most likely kill you.
Also, all Heirloom gear is nerfed in stats.

If you want to level up a character fast to 110, then do so before the patch comes out. 
BUT: Equip bonuses are the same.

5) All contents changed to storyline chapters

Quest achievements in patch 7.3.5 will be changed. 
Before we had to complete certain amount of quests in the different zones to complete a quest achievement.

In 7.3.5, the questing achievements will be changed to storylines similar to how Legion content is.



6) New Level Scaling

All dungeon loot will scale to your level until you hit level 90.

Each specific zone will scale to your character level. 
Meaning, you can be wherever you want in a zone and the mobs scales to your character level. In this way, you will not have tons of gray quests that don’t benefit you.

  • Low level zones scales 1-20
  • Mid-level zones scales 20-60 (for example the classic westfall zone scales between 20-60)
  • Outland zone scales from 58-80
  • Northrend scales from 58-80
  • Cataclysm zone scales from 80-90.
  • Pandaria zone scales from 80-90.
  • Warlord of Draenor scales from 90-100
  • Legion scales from 100-110

7) New Interface to choose leveling content 

Part of the interface used in Legion will be implemented for the entire leveling in wow in patch 7.3.5.

In each major city, there is a board (near AH mostly) that gives you direction where to go. In 7.3.5, you will have a cool interface that gives you some information about the content and why you should go there, instead of a quest that tells you to go there. And you can choose different places to go.

8) Get more bag space in patch 7.3.5

When patch 7.3.5 comes out, you can gain 4 extra backpacks lots by attaching an Authenticator to your account.
Blizzard Authenticator is for free.

9) New Timewalking Raid - Ulduar

The epic raid that took place during wrath of the Lich King expansion will be our 2nd Timewalking Raid.

When does Ulduar Timewalking raid open
This is an event and will not be available all the time. 
The only time you can do Timewalking Ulduar is when Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking event is ongoing.

What is the item level gear that drops
Ulduar Timewalking drops 930 ilvl gear, which can also get warforged.

What is the requirement to do Ulduar Timewalking?
You need to be at least level 81. Your gear ilvl will scale so all characters will have the same ilvl when they enter.

How do I enter Ulduar Timewalking Raid?
You cannot que up for this as you do on Timewalking dungeons or Raid Finder. 
You need to make a raid or join one (10-30 players)
There is a NPC that you talk to in Dalaran (more info soon). Raid leader talks to him to start the raid.

10) Mythic plus changes 

Combat ressurections

  • You start the dungeon, having 1 combat ress.
  • You get an extra combat ress charge every 10 minutes
  • Maximum amounts of combat resses are 5.

Classes that can combat ress are

  • Death Knight (Raise Ally)
  • Druid (Rebirth)
  • Warlock (Soulstone)
  • Hunter (Beastmaster Quilen pet, Eternal Guardian)

All these share the same timer.

11) New Title: Postmaster

You can get a new title, Postmaster ...

Achievements that seems tied to this is

Post Haste 
Name changed from "Priority Mail" to "Post Haste". Sort 30 letters within 60 seconds in the Postmaster's Office. Pet Reward: Mailemental. 

Priority Mail
Sort 30 partially addressed letters within 60 seconds in the Postmaster's Office. Title Reward: Postmaster.

The Total Package
Find the Postmaster in Dalaran and lend him your aid. Title Reward: Courier.