Patch 7.3: Guide, Transmog gear Questline



In 7.3, you can get a new transmog set through a questline.
This is tied to the new dungeon Seat of the Triumvirate through various quests.

Starting quest

  • The starting quest is an item that drops from bosses in the new dungeon Seat of Triumvirate. Maybe from mobs as well, but not confirmed. 


  • The quest is called Fragment of the past.
  • You need to deliver this quest to Captain Fareeya. In PTR it says that she is in the Vindicaar, but she is not there. I actually found her next to the teleport Beacon Conservatory of the Arcane in Mac`Aree (see map below)

The Broken Blacksmith
Captain Fareya will send you to the Blacksmith Gaal in Krokuun (quest: The Broken Blacksmith).

Gaal will give you two new quests:

The power to Reforge
- Collect 100 Dendrite Clusters in Mac´Aree

Recovering the Pieces
- Loot 10 Armory Key Fragments from Grand Shadow-Weavers in the new dungeon Seat of the Triumvirate.
I had to to this dungeon 5 times until I got all 10, maybe it will be changed on live. 

After completing various quest, you will have a forged key that grants entry to the armory inside the Dungeon.

Armor of the Triumvirate

The final quest after completing the entire questline is called “Armor of the Triumvirate”.
This quest wants to head back to the dungeon and secure the Armor of the Light.

Completing the final quest rewards transmog set for your class:

  • Ensemble: Venerated Triumvirate Battleplate
    Classes: Warrrior, Paladin, Death Knight
  • Ensemble: Burnished Triumvirate Armor
    Rogue, Monk, Druid, Demon Hunter
  • Ensemble: Sterling Triumvirate Chainmail
    Hunter, Shaman
  • Ensemble: Light-Woven Triumvirate Regalia
    Priest, Mage Warlock


24 Jul 2017