Patch 7.2 Guide: Legion Assault (Legion Invasion)

This event is similar to the demon invasion prior to the launch of the Legion expansion.
Legion Assault occurs in one of the 5 zones in Broken Isles.
There is a break between each zone invasion (for the demons to lick their wounds).

Entering a zone in which there is a Legion Assault will show you different quests (same as World Quests) that you can complete in order to repel the demons.

The rewards are similar to World quest rewards, and reputation gain for that zone as well.

Legion Assault is accessible for player that unlocked World Quests which will also be accesable for alts as well.

Completing Legion Assault quests will also count as quest completion for Emissary quest for that zone.

How does it work

When you open your map in game, you will see that there is a Legion Assault, if there is a green demon portal symbol on a zone.

When you head to that zone, there are several quests to complete that has to do with the Legion Assault.

  • Complete 5 Legion Assault quests.
  • You will be sent to a specific location in that zone (Highmountians: it´s Thunder Totem, Val´sharah: Black Rook Hold, Azsuna: Temple of a Thousand Lights)
  • After defending against demons in the specific location, you have now unlocked a 3-man scenario to neutralize a Legion Command ship.

The Legion Assault is a must "to do", because it is a part of Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part Two, Defender of Broken Isles. You need to complete the Legion Assault in each zone. 

5 Feb 2017