Patch 7.2 Guide: Buy gear for Nethershards and how to Grind Nethershards

There are two types of Tokens you can buy for Nethershards:

* Dauntless Tokens 
* Relinqiushed Tokens

You can buy Dauntless Tokens from Warmage Kath´leen in Broken Shore.
Dauntless Tokens also drops from mobs in Broken Shore.

You can buy Relinqiushed Tokens from Thaumage Vashreen in Broken Shore.


Dauntless Tokens 

The Dauntless tokens are Binds when picked up. 

Dauntless Hood (Head)
Dauntless Spaulders (Shoulder)
Dauntless Tunic (Chest)
Dauntless Leggings
Dauntless Girdle (waist)
Dauntless Gauntlets  (hand)
Dauntless Treads (Feet)
Dauntless Bracers
Dauntless Cloak
Dauntless Choker (Neck)
Dauntless Ring
Dauntless Trinket

This vendor also sells Nethershard essence (Used to craft legendary armor).

Opening a Dauntless token

The minimum ilvl is 850. 
The item can reward can become warforged or titanforged or/and socketed as well. . 

You cannot see the stats on the gear because you have to right click to open it and then it shows the stats. It seems that the stats on them are random when opening them.

Costs of Dauntless tokens

In PTR at the moment, a Dauntless gear costs 400 Nethershards.

Other ways to farm Dauntless tokens

* Random drops from mobs in Broken Shore can drop dauntless tokens.
* Contributing to the construction (costs 100 Legionfall war supplies) will reward you 150 reputation with Legionfall and an item called Legionfall Recompense.
Legionfall Recompense contains either gold or Dauntless token. So this is a very good way to farm rep and also dauntless gear.

Relinquished tokens

The Relinqiushed Tokens are Binds when picked up. 
It also have Relics!

Relinquished Hood (Head)
Relinquished Spaulders (Shoulder)
Relinquished Tunic (Chest)
Relinquished Leggings
Relinquished Girdle (waist)
Relinquished Gauntlets  (hand)
Relinquished Treads (Feet)
Relinquished Bracers
Relinquished Cloak
Relinquished Choker (Neck)
Relinquished Ring
Relinquished Trinket
Relinquished Relic

Opening a Relinquished Token


 The minimum ilvl is 880.
 These have a chance to become a gear from dungeon, or Raid, or PvP or Legendary item. 

Costs of Relinquished tokens

In PTR at the moment, a Relinquished gear costs 5000 Nethershards


How to grind/earn Nethershards

Netherhards grind 1 - Rare Spawns

One way to grind nethershards is to kill the Rare Spawns in Broken Shore. 

  • You can see when a rare spawn have spawned by looking at your map. 
  • A skull will show the location of the spawned mob. 
  • At the moment, it goes pretty fast to kill them when you are more players so you have to be fast and move there directly when you see it on the map.
  • The Rare Spawns can be soloed as well (maybe some more skilled playing for that). 

We will most likely see an addon coming out for this. As soon as I see one , ill let you know. 


Nethershards grind 2 - Legionfall War Supplies

Another way to gather Nethershard, is to contribute Legionfall War Supplies for bulding the constructions. When contributing 40 war supplies, you will be given a chest that contains around 30 Nethershards. 

Choose to upgrade the Nether Disruptor. When this building is active, it will provide you with a buff called Netherstorm which increase the drop rate of Nethershards. 

I have a guide covering what Legionfall War Supplies are, what they do and how to grind them. Click here to get to my Legionfall Wa Supply Guide. 


Nethershards grind 3 - The Sentinax (Main Nethershard grinding)

The main way to grind the Nethershards is in the Sentinax area.

  • Location is in Broken Shore.
  • Check the map for a space ship symbol, called The Sentinax.
  • This location is an event in which there are mobs under the spaceship that can drop Senitax Beacons.
  • These Senitax Beacons are used to communicate with the spaceship.
  • Depending on what Beacon it is, the outcome will either be that more mobs will spawn via a portal or that the spaceship sends down supplies that are used for professions.
  • Killing adds under the space ship and also adds that comes out from the portals will award you with Nethershards.

The first Sentinax Beacon you get, will start a quest in which you have to deliver it. Do that before you start killing adds under the ship, so that you can actually start looting them.

Different Beacons and what they do

Sentinax Beacon of Engineering (common)
Summons adds that gives Nethershards and can drop rare and common Sentinax Beacons.

Sentinax Beacon of Domination (common)
Summons adds that gives Nethershards and can drop rare and common Sentinax Beacons.

Sentinax Beacon of Firestorm (common)
Loads of imps spawns. (approx. 30 Nethershards).
Can drop rare and common Sentinax Beacons.

Sentinax Beacon of Greater Domination (rare)
Elite adds (Draining Eye) and trash mobs comes out of a portal. Approx 20-30 Nethershards.

Sentinax Beacon of Fel Growth (rare)
A beam fires at your location and Starlight Rose starts growing around you that you can pick up if you have herbalism (5)

Senitax Beacon of the Bloodstrike (rare)
Stone shards falls out that has Blood of Sargeras (4)

Senitax Beacon of Greater Domination (rare)
Elite adds (Draining Eye) and trash mobs comes out of a portal. Approx 20-30 Nethershards.

Senitax Beacon of Petrification (rare)
A beam fires at your location (no damage) and Felslate Spike comes out from the ground. This can be picked up by miners.

Portal Stones

Portal stones are epic items that tells the Sentinax to send a powerful demonic lieutenant to the area. This is a silver dragon elit mob. 

How much Nethershards do you get from mobs?

This is from PTR experience

You get around
0-3 from normal mobs coming from the common portal
5-10 from elite mobs coming from the rare portal
10-20 from elite mob from the elite portal.

It takes about 5-6h to get 1000 Shards if you do it alone and do ONLY that.

If you go PvP realm it will probably take longer.

If you go PvE realm it will also take longer becuse I was more or less alone grinding, but sometimes opposite faction came and we didnt share mob loot from portals so some stole adds from me that I couldnt loot when I activatred a portal.

It comes down to how much the avarage player playes per week which I dont know. But from my gaming time, I would get a Dountless token per week OR a Relinquished every second week if the prices are like they are now.

8 Feb 2017