Patch 7.2 Guide - A Way to Gear up alts and Main Chars

There are two types of Tokens you can buy for Nethershards:

* Dauntless Tokens (minimum 850 ilvl)
* Relinqiushed Tokens (minimum 880 ilvl)

You can buy Dauntless Tokens from Warmage Kath´leen in Broken Shore.
Dauntless Tokens also drops from mobs in Broken Shore.

You can buy Relinqiushed Tokens from Thaumage Vashreen in Broken Shore.


Dauntless Tokens 

The Dauntless tokens are Binds when picked up. 

Dauntless Hood (Head)
Dauntless Spaulders (Shoulder)
Dauntless Tunic (Chest)
Dauntless Leggings
Dauntless Girdle (waist)
Dauntless Gauntlets  (hand)
Dauntless Treads (Feet)
Dauntless Bracers
Dauntless Cloak
Dauntless Choker (Neck)
Dauntless Ring
Dauntless Trinket

This vendor also sells Nethershard essence (Used to craft legendary armor).

Opening a Dauntless token

The minimum ilvl is 835. 
The item can reward can become warforged (can´t confirm titanforged yet, but most likely that as well). 

You cannot see the stats on the gear because you have to right click to open it and then it shows the stats. It seems that the stats on them are random when opening them.

Costs of Dauntless tokens

In PTR at the moment, a Dauntless gear costs 400 Nethershards.

Other ways to farm Dauntless tokens

* Random drops from mobs in Broken Shore can drop dauntless tokens.
* Contributing to the construction (costs 100 Legionfall war supplies) will reward you 150 reputation with Legionfall and an item called Legionfall Recompense.
Legionfall Recompense contains either gold or Dauntless token. So this is a very good way to farm rep and also dauntless gear.

Relinquished tokens

The Relinqiushed Tokens are Binds when picked up. 
It also have Relics!

Relinquished Hood (Head)
Relinquished Spaulders (Shoulder)
Relinquished Tunic (Chest)
Relinquished Leggings
Relinquished Girdle (waist)
Relinquished Gauntlets  (hand)
Relinquished Treads (Feet)
Relinquished Bracers
Relinquished Cloak
Relinquished Necklace
Relinquished Ring
Relinquished Trinket
Relinquished Relic

Opening a Relinquished Token


 The minimum ilvl is 880.
 These have a chance to become a gear from dungeon, or Raid, or PvP or Legendary item. 

Costs of Relinquished tokens

In PTR at the moment, a Relinquished gear costs 5000 Nethershards

1 Mar 2017