Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on Wrathion, the Black Emperor


Despite all his schemes, Wrathion could not avoid succumbing to the madness that claimed his father. With his mind corrupted by N´zoth, the Black Prince is a force of unbridled hatred, capable of annihilating all who oppose him in blood and flame.

Overview - Fast Tactics

This boss has two phases


  • Tank swap at two Searing Breath.
  • When you got the incineration debuff (a flame circle under you), run away from raid. The further away, the less dmg others will take.
  • When boss does Gale Blasé (a swirl under the boss and he flies up in the air and then lands), run away from boss. It does a knockback and dmg.
  • When boss teleports away, one orb stays where he was, and one orb goes to a random edge on the platform. Make sure you run to the opposite side off the boss and dodge the fire.
  • Don’t stand behind boss because of tail swipe that knocks back and does dmg.
  • Loads of small fire balls that turns into small pools.

Phase 2

  • Boss shoots pools on the ground when this phase starts. Pillars will spawn from them.
  • Three Scales falling to the ground. Big circles on the ground. Three players catch one each. With this scale, you can destroy the pillars that spawns. Do it fast.
  • Nuke the pillars that didn’t destroy with the scales.
  • The broken pillars will turn into fire pools, stay away.
  • HEROIC MODE - Adds will spawn during this phase called Ashwalker Assasins. They are stealthed. Find them, nuke them.

Abilities and Tactics

This fight has two phases, on first phase, you fight Wrathion and on second phase you destroy pillars and on heroic adds spawns on phase 2 as well.


Searing Breath

Boss does a frontal fire cone dmg and puts a debuff (Searing Armor), that does fire dmg every sec. This debuff will also increase dmg of next breath by 75%. Debuff lasts 15 sec and stacks.

Tactics: Searing Breath

Tank swap after two Searing Breath.


Random players gets a debuff that does fire dmg every 2 sec for 8 sec. When it expires it explodes and does very high dmg to all players.

The further away the explosion is, the less dmg the raid takes.

Tactics: Incineration

Run far away from raid before it expires.

Heal up the raid.

Gale Blast

Boss flies up in the air and lands.

This does very high dmg to all players and does a knock back.

The further away players are, the less dmg they take.

Boss will also launch fire balls at random locations that does high fire dmg if hit.

Tactics: Gale Blast

Run away from boss and dodge the fire balls.

Tail Swipe

Players behind the boss will take very high physical dmg and gets knocked back.

Tactics: Tail Swipe

Melee, attack boss from the side, not behind.

Burning Cataclysm

Boss one orb stays where he was, and one orb goes to a random edge on the platform.

After teleportation, the boss shots fire on the ground that covers the entire platform except one small area.

Getting hit will more or less kill you.

Tactics: Burning Cataclysm

Run to the opposite side of the boss and you will find a small area that will not be blasted with fire, Stand there.

Use portals and speed if possible.


At the beginning of this phase, boss shoots fireballs on random locations that turns into pools. Pillars will spawn from it.

Scales of Wrathion

Three circles will spawn on the ground in which scales will fall on. If players catch it, they will get a buff to destroy pillars (Burning Madness).

When pillars are destroyed, they will turn into molten pools.

If any pillars are up at end of phase 2, they turn into Lava Pools instead.

Lava pools do fire dmg if stood on and each pool will also put Rising Heat debuff on players that does fire dmg every sec and stacks.

HEROIC MODE – Ashwalker Assasin

Adds spawns on this phase, that are shrouded in smoke.

Dmg on them reveals them.

When the adds are shrouded, they stun players for 10 sec

When shrouded, they also strike players for deadly dmg.

Tactics – Phase 2

Three players stand under each circle to catch a scale each. Run through as many pillars as you can. Use players with speed abilities.  

Tank and kill all adds.

Make sure pillars are destroyed. Nuke them the normal way if some pillars are missed. They have loads of “Hp”.


10 Nov 2019