Ny´alotha GUIDE – Tactics on The Prophet Skitra


A master of Illusion, Skitra delights in terrorizing his victims as he breaks their perception of reality. Those who fail to see through his deceptions become lost in Ny´alotha for eternity.

Fast tactics

  • You fight one boss, that spawns illusions of him.
  • One of the illusions is an army of illusions that walks front and back on the platform. They must be dodged and controlled so you can pass them.
  • Another illusion is when a player gets a debuff (Shred Psyke) and must run away from raid because it does deadly dmg the closer the player is to the raid. An illusion spawns and must be killed. This illusion does shadow dmg every 1.5 sec to raid.
  • The third illusion set is when the boss mirror images himself. Half of the raid can see certain illusion, and the other half can see other illusions. BUT the illusion that ENTIRE raid can see, is the real boss. Nuke it! Don’t attack wrong illusions.
  • Tanks, boss does shadow and puts a debuff that stacks, you take increased shadow dmg.
    Tank swap 4 stacks.

Abilities and Tactics

This fight has 2 phases that goes in a loop.


Shadow Shock (Tank)

Boss does high shadow damage and puts a debuff that increase all Shadow damage by 15% for 5 sec  to main tank AND two random players.

Boss casts Shadow Shock very often.

Tactic: Shadow Shock (Tank)

Tank swap at 4 stacks

Remember that two other random players get 15% increased shadow dmg taken that stacks.

Shred Psyche

Boss puts a debuff on random player.
After 5 sec the player explodes and does deadly dmg to all players. BUT the further away the debuffed player is, the less dmg, the other players take.

Also, when debuff expires, an add spawns from the player that is an image of the player. This add does not move.
This add will  to shadow dmg to all players every 1.5 sec until killed (physic reverberation)

Tactics: Shred Psyche

When you get the debuff, run away from raid.
Have a marked position for the direction to run.
Nuke and kill the add AFTER the big raid dmg is over.

Images of Absolution

Boss spawns loads of illusion adds that walks together in a line front and back on the platform.
These illusions does shadow dmg when a player is close and they are also immune to all dmg for 30 sec.

Tactics: Images of Absolution

These adds must be controlled.
Have classes with good cc abilities such as resto druid, monks, shaman etc.
Make sure that the adds are controlled on the positions your raid will be on.  


During the fight, the boss splits the raid into two groups (Illusionary Projection) with 2 different debuffs, Clouded Mind and Twisted Mind

The boss will cast illusion so that you will see several images of him. But, half of the raid will see one set of his illusions and the other half will see another set of his illusions.

BUT, when both raid groups see the same boss, that is not the illusion. That is the real boss.

If a false illusion is killed (or dmg) it causes Mindquake which makes that illusion explode when it dies and does deadly dmg to all players.

During this phase, all players take 2% increased shadow dmg every 5 sec and stacks (Dark Ritual).

All illusions will inflict shadow dmg to all players every 2 sec (Illusionary Bolt)


26 Dec 2019